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My hair

Hi my name is Maddison I am eleven years old and here is my story... 

My hair

Wednesday November 02, 2016,

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So a few of my mom's co workers got cancer and that got thinking about cutting my hair but I was not sure. I loved my hair so it was a HUGE decision, After some thought and a few days later i was cleaning up my movies ,then one fell out into my hands.It was called the Ultimate Gift. 

Its about a man that befriends a little girl that has cancer. I saw an image on the back she was siting in a hospital bed, beside the bed was a wig that was strawberry blonde just like mine. When I saw the wig I touched my soft hair I thought "hey !that could be my hair ." 

We went to a hair salon the same day and I had 8 inches cut off my hair. It was all the way to my but so my mom said, are you sure?. So if you can please try to raise money,cut your hair,raise money at school/church, bake sales, craft sales, read-a-thons, the possibilities are endless 😉

this the movie


this is the little girl


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