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Carb diet plan

Carb Diet Plan can improves one’s weight and metabolic functions of the body. The low-carbohydrate diet is now being adapted to by many people, thus becoming a lifestyle.

Carb diet plan

Thursday August 03, 2017,

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Depending on how healthy one is a low carbohydrate diet is necessary as it improves one’s weight and metabolic functions of the body. The low-carbohydrate diet is now being adapted to by many people, thus becoming a lifestyle.

The low-carbohydrate diets require one to eat slightly more fats and eat fewer carbohydrates. This means that one has to reduce the consumption of starch and sugars. Eating more fats does not mean that it will affect our health; natural fats are good for one’s health, as they are burned in a stabilized manner by hormones in our bodies, meaning that one is able to control their blood sugar levels  and weight loss.

In a low-carbohydrate diet, the foods one is required to eat are; vegetables, healthy oils, seeds, meat, fish, eggs, grains among others. The foods that are not necessary are; low-fat products, sugar, wheat, highly processed foods, vegetable oils, gluten grains etc. Drinks and snacks are also part of the diet and they include; coffee, tea, sugar-free carbonated drinks and water for drinks; yogurt, baby carrots, some cheese, some nuts and a fruit for the snacks. All of these should be part of the shopping list when going to shop.

In order to achieve a successful low-carbohydrate diet, it is necessary for one to have a low-carbohydrate menu. This will help one to strictly follow the diet and finally achieving a good health streak. Here is an example of a low-carbohydrate menu.


-Breakfast: Eggs with vegetables.

-Lunch: Smoothie and chicken salad.

-Dinner: Meatballs and spaghetti.


-Breakfast: Eggs and bacon.

-Lunch: Salad and coconut milk.

-Dinner: Vegetables with steak.


-Breakfast: Milk and a fruit.

-Lunch: A burger.

-Dinner: Beef curry and greens.


-Breakfast: Coffee with a bun.

-Lunch: Rice with some legumes.

-Dinner: Chicken curry with some spinach and a fruit.


-Breakfast: A glass of juice with bacon.

-Lunch: Ugali with greens.

-Dinner: Meatballs with salad.


-Breakfast: Tea, omelette with vegetables.

-Lunch: Yogurt with a sandwich.

-Dinner: Pork chops with some legumes.


-Breakfast: Milk, eggs and bacon.

-Lunch: Grilled chicken with some spinach.

-Dinner: Ugali, beef with some spinach.

If well followed to the letter, the low-carbohydrate diet has a lot of benefits other than controlled blood sugar levels and weight loss. These other benefits include; reduction in cravings for sugary foods, thus reducing costs when it comes to doing shopping as it’s not a priority to purchase sugary foods which are expensive. Heartburn attacks are also reduced as the fats in the body will be effectively controlled, fewer headaches and the most important of all, the physicality of your body becomes strong, and this enables one to perform tasks, exercises, sports activities without getting tired.

The low-carbohydrate diet has its effects; some effects may occur even if the diet is keenly followed. These include; constipation, for this it may depend on a person, how they react to the foods. Breastfeeding may also be as affected as some of the foods may not produce the required nutrients for a new born, causing the baby to suckle harmful nutrients thus causing illness to the new born. It’s also advisable not to prolong the low-carbohydrate diet as it may lead to diabetic ketoacidosis which is expensive to treat.

This kind of dieting can be hard to follow, as human we all tend to love sugary kinds of stuff, thus cooking of these low-carbohydrates meals may be boring. It’s not a must you eat the three meals for the day, but at least meals because it’s normal for a human to get hungry, for such a case it is advisable to have a snack. In order to follow the diets we need to find low-carbohydrates that we love, or if it’s hard to cook them, one can go to a good restaurant where all the work is already done for you; leaving you with the simplest task of eating. However be careful as there are people out to get your money, as they falsify the products in order to get easy money from you, also do not be confused by creative marketing for these low-carbohydrate products, the real diet products should come from natural food.

Carb Diet Plan 

Carb Diet Plan