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Don’t Ignore These Social Media Optimization Platforms

Don’t Ignore These Social Media Optimization Platforms

Friday November 10, 2017,

3 min Read

We all know how important Social Media Optimization is. We don’t just do it for building your fan base and generating more traffic from Social Media Channels, we also do that for ranking higher on Search Engines. Yes! Your Social Media activities, engagements and followers affect your rankings on Search Engine Result Page.


Now, let’s talk about what you can do to improve your Social Media presence.

Start With Facebook, Twitter and Google+

If your Business has not made any move on Social Media Channels, you should start with Facebook, Twitter and Google+. More so if you have a tight budget.

If you can only take care of one Social Media Channel, use Facebook. Facebook is the most populated Social Media Platform with over one billion active users. Engaging just a few percentage of them will boost your Search Engine Ranking like a rocket.

Twitter is also included in one of the Google’s Ranking Factors. It’s not as strong as Facebook and Google+, but you should still use it to build your strength. Twitter is also a great platform as in it allows you to reach out to anyone very easily.

When it comes to twitter, aim to send maximum of 12 tweets per day. If sending 12 tweets per day sounds a little overwhelming to you, you can take the help of some Social Media Optimization Tools to manage your Tweets throughout the day.

You may be wondering why I included Google+ in the list since there aren’t much people active on it. Well, maybe hypothetically, but I can’t stress enough on the fact that Google gives you an undue advantage in Google Search Engine Ranking Page if you are active on Google+.

Being one of the top Search Engine Optimization Company, we know how much Google+ has been reported as one of the strongest ranking factors for many years now.

Other Social Networks for Better Social Media Optimization

Ones you think your Business is doing well on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and you are ready to invent more time and money on other Social Media Channels, consider the following platforms:

LinkedIn- If you’re into B2B industry, LinkedIn is an excellent platform to build lasting networks and relationships. Aim to join Groups and Discussions relevant to your business. Go on and post relevant news about your industry. You will end up building a positive Brand Image.

Instagram- If you are in Fashion, Food or any other industry which are image extensive, then Instagram is a must have platform for your Business. In fact, Instagram restricts the number of links you can post and that’s why the links from your Instagram Profile are very powerful.

Pinterest- What’s great about Pinterest is that there are more number of Female users than Male users on this Social Media platform. So, if your Target Market includes Females, you should definitely build your presence on Pinterest. It’s also an excellent platform to include in your Social Media Optimization campaigns.