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Insider tips to choose a right blogging platform

Blogging is the best way to share your opinion, connect with new people and create and inspire the world with your stories. It can actually add value to your Content Marketing Strategy and boost your search engine ranking. 

Wednesday December 07, 2016,

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Blogging is the best way to express your feeling to the world. It is an important and a powerful tool that lets you help others with the knowledge that you have. You can do it for your pleasure, passion, and profit. Writing is incomplete if it didn’t get a perfect platform and selecting a right platform for your blog is actually an important decision, which you have to take by giving proper attention. 

Budget: Countless blogging platforms available over the World Wide Web to choose from. Selecting the one that suits your need is the biggest decision, which you have to take by comparing its cost. If you don't have a big budget to invest, so, you can choose the free sites. It’s because out of all platforms some are free and others are paid. To choose a right platform you have to make sure that the platform you choose fits into your budget. It’s the first and foremost thing you need to consider to make a right decision upon which the success of your blog depends on.

Technical Support: Another important thing you need to consider while picking a right blogging platform is how technical you are. If you are tech savvy, so, you can easily deal with the coding problems without any assistance. However, if you are a non-technical person and don’t know anything about coding, script, HTML, CSS, etc., so, you should choose a platform that provides full support at every stage. WordPress, Joomla, Bloggers, Tumblr is some of the blogging platforms that provide around the clock support, so you don't need to dig into the pool of technical knowledge.

Layout And Design: Writing a great content is not enough for its success and to drive attention of the readers to it. For this, you have to make it attractive by choosing a great design, theme, and a template for your blog post, which showcases it among the readers. Designing your blog in a way that holds the attention of its readers is the biggest task and for this, you have to choose the right blogging platform that offers you a plethora of themes, templates, and designs to enhance the look of your blog post.

Functionality: While choosing a blogging platform for your first blog post you should understand at what point you want to focus either only on writing or showcasing videos and images. If you want a platform with very basic functionality, so, Tumblr, Blogger, and WordPress are the right options for you that you should give a try. Before sticking to any decision, you must properly check what features, and functionality a platform offer to you. If it's offered features match your requirements, so, you can pick it to publish your blog on it, if no, so, you can move to any other option.

Search Engine Friendly: No doubt, you write it for the audience and what if they are not even able to gain the knowledge you are sharing with them. It can be possible because maybe you are not visible among them and therefore, SEO is a must. Great content, rich density keywords, Meta tags, title and description and right blogging platform, all these things help to increase the ranking of your blog post. Therefore, you must always check that the platform you pick for blogging is SEO-friendly or not. It’s because, if it is not visible among your clients, so, it has no value over the World Wide Web.

Authority: Every blogging platform has its own guidelines, which you have to follow properly. Therefore, you have to check the level of control they provide for publishing blog over the internet or intranet. Some blogging platforms provide you very less control to handle any technical or non-technical issue, which may affect its performance and create a barrier in the work of a blogger. It is an important decision, which you cannot take for granted and therefore, at this step take your time and after analyzing and understanding what authorities you needed and what they are providing make any choice for your blog post because it either break or makes your position among readers.


• Make sure the blogging platform you choose fit your functionality and technical skills

• Compare different platforms before sticking to any decision

• Do lot of research to make a wise decision

• Always prefer high domain authority sites

• Make sure your platform customization option cannot be limited

• Always choose a platform with high security from malicious attack

• It provides an online community to support