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How This Guy Got a Job Applying These 5 Tricks among 50 Candidates?

Friday November 18, 2016,

2 min Read

Mortico was not the first guy I talked, when I was looking for a candidate for the position of Graphic Designer.The moment I approached him to the moment I sent him the offer letter,he applied the following tricks which is worth sharing.

First Impression:The moment you receive a call from a recruiter regarding any job opportunity,wait,smile and response attentively.Let them know that you are interested to know about the opportunity,ask for the job location,responsibility,company and at the last about salary.

In case you are not familiar about the job location in the world, don't clearly say that you are not interested.Ask more about location,the culture,number of people of your national living at that place.Remember,for consultant it is like the first deal to be closed in first call.So always try to clear everything in the first call itself.

Be Egotistic :Understand that if the consultant have called you that means few keywords in your resume would be matching with that of the requirement he is having.Understand the job responsibilities and openly tell your roles and achievements.

Connect: Ask for all the ways to connect.You cannot always be available to reply an email or might skip a call.Connect the recruiter on Skype and if possible on Whatsapp as well.Ask for a formal email about the complete opportunity.

Research About Company: Do all the research about the company.Few ways for analysis are as follows,

Look for website.

1.If they have a website, Look for the openings in the website's career page.

2.If not,Look for people working in that company on linkedin.

3.Look for the job location wherever it is in the world.

4.Look for the salary they pay on Glassdoor, read reviews etc.Do not believe every other reviews blindly.

Obedient : When they send you an email for any information try your best to revert as soon as possible.In case you are not able to do that ask for an apology.When they schedule the interview,try your best to be there at that time.What matters most is, how you talk to them and how your conversation goes.Most of the time,it is the consultant who is whole and sole responsible for the recruitment.If you have a nice impression on them,the battle is 90% won.