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You’ve got an essay deadline looming… What do you do?

You’ve got an essay deadline looming… What do you do?

Friday April 27, 2018,

5 min Read

You’ve Got an Essay Deadline Looming… What do You Do?

As students begin to enjoy the carefree time that Spring vacation brings, they tend to leave their academic worries at school. Their motto during this time is “Leave the schoolwork at school.” The problem, is that the students tend to forget totally about the vacation work assigned. They end up remembering about the homework a few days before the start of the school term or a day before. In which instance, the student goes into panic mode and screams “These assignments are due tomorrow. Help!”

Help is on the way for these students. They merely need to make assignment help contact with one of the student assignment services readily available online. While it is not recommended that students procrastinate during their vacation and wait till the last minute to complete their homework, having assignment help available takes the load off and allows the students to enjoy their vacation time or with less pressure and stress.

Well, it isn’t only fun time during vacations that forces a missed deadline on the part of the student. There are several reasons for this. Reasons such as:


This ties in directly with the “Long weekend” concept of academic laziness. By not allotting time during the vacation with which to address their assigned work, the student ends up staring a deadline in the face. Usually, there is no other option for the student but to cram. However, cramming 3 hours before a class will not help a student meet the deadline.

Acts of God

There are just some situations that are out of the control of the student. A bricked laptop, a malfunctioning external hard drive, a power failure, and an internet connection problem. An illness, an accident, family emergency. All these events cannot be predicted nor controlled by the student. So, when it happens, the work schedule gets thrown out the window as the student scrambles to get some alternatives together so that homework completion can continue.

Not Using a Calendar Reminder

Regardless of what gadget the student might be using, they will always have access to an app that will help them remember their work deadlines. The basic android phone has a calendar that can be set to remind a student about a deadline between 2 weeks and 3 days before the due date. There are also reminder apps such as Remind Me for Windows that can be set to automatically urge you to take note of an upcoming deadline.

Not Understanding the Question or Instructions

There are times when professors play tricks on the students create a homework question that is more complicated in its presentation so that it becomes more difficult to understand. Students don’t really tend to ask for clarifications for fear that the professor will think that they are dumb or something. The student would rather lose his way and try to figure out what the question on his own. Before he knows it, the deadline is in his face, and he still has to understand what the assignment is all about.

Lack of Confidence in His Response

Overthinking the response is also a bad thing. This leads to endless revisions, response considerations, and response analysis that results in what was a previously ready essay becoming a collection of directionless statements. Fixing up a paper in this condition is extremely difficult and forces a missed deadline on the part of the student.

Based on the reasons for missing a deadline, it becomes clear that a student simply must do the exact opposite of these reasons to stay on track towards meeting the due date of the assignment. The student should:

Schedule Time to do Homework During Vacation

Since vacations are always scheduled, and the due dates of the assignment are also on a set submission date, it is easy to plot a vacation time that will allow for assignment completion. For example, during a 3-day weekend, the student may allot either the first or last day of the vacation to address the homework. By allowing himself 2 full days of vacation time, the student will not feel like he has missed out on the excitement of the occasion. Another alternative to this would be to set time aside every night before bed to do parts of the required homework until it is completed.

Put Down the Gadget and do the Work

Students always ask for “5 more minutes” behind their gadgets before going to do the assignment. That 5 minutes often turns into 5 hours. A student must have a sense of conviction when it comes to completing homework. If the student says, I need to complete all my homework in 2 hours, then he must do so. Setting aside all distractions until he completes the homework. Only then can he go back to the distractions.

Scheduling of Deadlines Must be Practiced

By using an app to schedule their homework completion, students will find that their work schedule will be freer and more spaced out. If the schedule seems too tight and there is a distinct possibility that the deadline might be missed due to too much homework, then assignment help must be considered to meet the submission schedule.

Remember that missing a deadline is usually a student-created crisis. There is really no reason for a student to miss a deadline, it is just a matter of proper time management skills are implemented in their academic lives. The writing process becomes easier when the students also do the following things:

Thoroughly Research the Topic

When a student has more information than questions from the professor for the assignment, responding to the questions will be easier.

Draft the Assignment Response

By writing a cluttered essay first, a student has the chance to review his response and whittle it down for relevance, without having to do too many rewrites.

Contact Classmates and Compare Notes

Working on the same homework has its advantages. By comparing notes with one another, the students can spot weak points in their responses and strengthen their presentation based on reviews, comments, and responses of their peers. 


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