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10 Best Group Chat Apps For Effective Communication in Team Projects

10 Best Group Chat Apps For Effective Communication in Team Projects

Tuesday February 20, 2018,

5 min Read

The advent of new communication technologies fuelled by the internet has provided access to powerful team chat apps.

As the continual growing need for communication via the web has become acute in this technical generation, new team chat apps are definitely needed and wanted by consumers, and web companies. In the highly interconnected world we live in, such a need never goes unnoticed. New group communication apps are making their way to the forefront.

Anything from ideas to features is now available to consumers at their fingertips in the form of instant messaging applications.

10 Best Group Chat Apps

The following are some of the wide variety of group chat apps that are now available to the internet-using public.

1. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger- a professional team chat software that combines the whole team in a single platform with user-friendly functionalities and features. It is novel in the sense that it offers multiple signs up options for companies by securing the chat data of each and every individual.

This group chat app will also let you share in-house data along with other similar applications without any technical errors. Now make your business process even smoother with multiple groups setting options like sharing files, documents, images, videos without any hurdles.  Troop Messenger  also offers the specific attachment options like location/ file/ link/ camera/ contact for mobile app. Troop Messenger is accessible on IOS, Android, and desktop as well with both multi-platform and cross-platform facility.

You can share your screenshots and description of an app issue through Feedback option apart from allowing the users to share new ideas and features. Troop Messenger has an option to copy and paste a message to send it to another member of the team. Now you can open the link automatically from the messenger with just one click. This app will inform you about the unread messages by showing the count at the top of the app.

2. HipChat 


A well-developed team collaboration messaging app that makes your group communications simple. It allows you to share any files through any HipChat application by web, mobile or desktops. HipChat special feature will definitely help your business to manage and maintain workflow without any miscommunication. It also offers persistent group chat apps to coordinate with your whole team.

3. Campfire


A perfect group chat tool, which is designed exclusively for groups. It enables real-time communication with effective add-on features. Here you can organize your projects online and also assign tasks, group notes, files, and media even more easily. This team chat app is great for Internet-based companies.

4. Google+ Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts

Google Hangouts- A new G+ Business chat application that connect friends and colleagues in your work place. It facilitates one-on-one conversation and group chat facility by sharing the emoji’s, photos, videos, GIF’s and maps. Now you can turn any of your conversation in to video call with just one tap with more than 10 members at a time. Make a free call to other hangout users either from Android, IOS or desktop application.

5. Grove IRC

A private IRC host instant message application that manages your chat rooms effectively. Here all your chat details are archived and are searchable with end-to-end encryption interface. It boasts of native web notifications, which ensures you do not miss any messages in the chat. Grove is now full-filling the users void by offering file sharing and member profile services at a cost of $250/year for a company of 10 users.

6. Flowdock


A team communication application for desktop as well as for mobile. It is a real-time, transparent teamwork app for the entire organization, providing the one place to talk and stay up-to-date with the messages. This app is great for a medium sized team, as it is on offer for free signup for up to 5 members. Additional members are charged at $3 per head/ month.

7. Hall

Hall- an effectual group chat application, which is specially designed for project management. This application is free to use for any personal account. It offers both group chat and private app services with video conferencing feature to the users. It is free for first 5 users with 1 GB data storage and one-on-one video options. A paid version is also available in this app to search the chat logs easily with specific keywords.

8. Podio

Podio- A flexible online chat application for communication between the teams. The app comes with easy-to-use interface option along with different apps such as share file, view project status and to send the feedback for current projects. No matter where your team members are located, with this new group chat app, so you can easily manage your workflows, even more, smarter wherever you are.

9. Jaconda

Jaconda- a project team chat application, that helps in improving the communication within the team. It is an ideal chat service platform for large teams with 30 days free trail option with 10+GB storage space to share your files in the cloud. As a powerful system for team communication, Jocando provides the chat room access through Google and Skype.

10.  Azendoo

The best office instant messaging app, which is used to track and connect your team tasks as well as project discussions wherever you are. In this app, you can also discuss with other team members with just one click. Here you can also get the notifications and private messages like another app. A free 10 GB data storage for Dropbox integrations for freemium plans and 50GB and above for premium plans are on offer.