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The Unstoppable Journey

The Unstoppable Journey

Wednesday September 27, 2017,

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This one is story of Puja Verma, born and brought up in the city of Joy, Kolkata. Like her city, she was also a joyful yet very ambitious girl. Nobody in her family gave their girl daughter as much privilege to study as her father did. Her father gave importance to invest in their child education, rather than their marriage. While all uncles were busy accumulating golds & money for their daughter’s marriage (Considering them as liability) , Puja’s father believed in putting his funds into their child’s education.

Till her childhood, as every child says, she wanted to become a doctor, but as she approached her Higher secondary examinations, she started taking keen interest in numbers. It was in her 11th std that she topped her school and started taking more & more interest in accounts & mathematics.

She was considered as an all-rounder in school i.e, starting from school magazine editor to winning all the sports certificates, from being the class monitor to the lead girl in the school. All wanted to become like her in the school. She wore all the badges with honour on her uniform & played all the duties really well.

After passing out from school, she decided to pursue Chartered Accountancy, following her sister as her role model. While, cracking these examinations are still a night mare for many people. It was literally a cake walk for her to do so. She not only did her article ship training in Top 10 C.A Firm, i.e, K.S Aiyar & Co. but also did her Industrial training from a listed & very reputed company “Birla Corporation Ltd”. While many found it difficult to manage their training with studies & tuitions, Puja not only decided to go for best firm in articleship but also opted for Industrial Training which only 5% people manage to get.

It was due to her decisions of opting for these trainings that her family had a doubt that she might not be able to crack her examinations in her 1st attempt. Her participation & winning of various national conferences organised for C.A students added fuel to the fire. She took another risk by opting for both the groups in one go. Being short of time, she decided to put in all her efforts in to her study. She not only ignored her birthday but also various other events & relevant festivals which clashed during her examinations.

And then came the D-Day, when the results would be out and the chairman posted that this has been the worst results overall compared to a few previous years. She lost hope, but it was something in her mind that she believed in herself. Although pass percentage was low, she managed to clear her examinations.

This wasn’t enough, she landed up getting job in one of the leading companies in Hedge fund Industry i.e, “Vitoes Fund services” in Bangalore. Her confidence was sky high. She received the Best Inductee Award too in her induction training program. Having got a well-paid job & all she wished for, she thought “What’s next?”.

The Transition:

Like all youngsters, you were taught that once you study well and get a job, your life is all set. It is very easy to survive in your comfort zone. As soon as you encounter any fall in your life, there is someone or the other in your life to take care of, to boost your confidence, to make you realize that you are the best etc etc.

But what when that shade goes off your head? What when strangers replace your family members? what when you are made to realize that you aren’t apt for this environment? What when you do not want to be a part of group but they chase you like hell?

Who teaches us this? Is this taught to us in school? ” NO”

Is this taught to us at our home ? “NO”.

It was then when she realized that how mentally weak she was. She ignored the most important aspect of her life i.e., “Her Mind”. Day in and out she got various strokes in one form or the other and she found no one for help around.

She had two options, to run away from all this in her comfort zone or to survive no matter what. She started attending various self-help classes & mediation course to work on her mental health.

“You cannot be happy even if you have a Million Dollar in your Account if your mental health is not stable”.

It was then when she encountered that there was not one but many going through this problem in their life and the worst part is nobody talks about it at all.

She started taking in charge of her mind and gave no room to anybody to control it. It was when she realised that being Happy is always a “CHOICE". She started attending various NLP seminars & classes too.

Further Plans:

Puja now believes in balancing her personal & professional life. As far as Professional life is concerned, Puja is planning to be a part of same organisation. She has plug ins for her professional life. She is also pursuing CFA (U.S) to contribute in the type of industry she is in.

In order to help people come out of their circumstances, she has started writing self help blogs. https://www.reasonstosmilealways.com/.

She is planning to create various strategies combining the Modern NLP techniques with the conventional meditation techniques to provide long term relief to people from emotional disbalances.

She has also started spreading her message in the form of videos which hits a thousands of views on the untouched topics.

Her mission at reasons to smile is to inspire & empower people by spreading knowledge of self development and life changing stories to the world. Here we aim to bring out the real self out of you. We make sure that people realise that their monkey mind can be controlled.”

Reasons to Smile was founded by a Chartered Accountant and Life Coach, “Puja Verma”, in 2016. With long term passion of self development, Puja started this website with the intention of creating free-minded people who thrive for success.

She also plans to write a book soon……….!!!!!