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8 questions you should ask your mover before hiring

8 questions you should ask your mover before hiring

Friday August 03, 2018,

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It is never an easy decision to make a move. Whenever there is a desire of shifting there are many questions that arise from the scenario. Moving is a nightmare and it is definitely a thing that needs a lot of research work. Until and unless you are prepared for the things, you cannot move forward unhesitant in the same.


As there are many complications that are included in the shifting scenario, hence the better choice always is to approach packers and movers for the task. For convenience in move people do hire the professionals for shifting but many times it turns out to be the wrong decision. A lot many precautions are required when hiring a mover.

To ensure that your decision goes right, we are telling you 9 straightforward questions that you should ask movers. Ask these questions and definitely, you are going to land at a positive conclusion of your moving desire.

Q1) How much experience do you have?

Don’t hesitate and ask this question straight to the mover. It is always a good decision to hire an experienced company than to deal with a novice. This should be the first question that you should ask the mover. This will enable you to know whether the mover is worth giving the responsibility. The more experience a mover will possess better it would be for you. Keep in mind one thing that, movers with good years of experience will charge you more as compared to a novice, so be prepared.

Q2) Do you have experience in my moving requirement?

Different movers have different specialization. It is your responsibility to confirm this from the mover before hiring that whether they have experience in your moving requirement or not. For instance, if you want moving company for household shifting then you must assure that the company which you are hiring possesses adequate experience in the same. In the greed to save some money, people make a wrong decision by hiring a mover that does not acquire experience in their type of move requirement and regret at the end.

Q3) Are you available in my moving date?

Moving Date is the most important question for you to inquire about the company. Do make sure they are available on the date you have fixed for the move. In case, you are flexible with the date it is okay but if you are not then it is better to go for another option. During the peak season, moving companies add surplus charges. If you want to skip such things then being flexible with not so common date of moving would help you.

Q4) Do you have a license for the services?

Getting the proper license is tough hence only credible movers could attain the same. If you wish to remain at the safer side during the move then always hire a Packers and movers in Pune that possess the adequate license. If you have any doubt, you can crosscheck the license number with the business authority. Check if the company is registered or not. In this way, you can easily solve the grievances if any by the end of the move.

Q5) How do you accept payment?

To be in the safe side during the move, it is necessary for you to inquire about the payment gateway. How the company does accept payment. Initially, they will ask you to submit some advance money. Do not pay complete amount in advance. Only share a token money. In case, you wish to make credit card payment or wish to pay by cheque then ask the mover in advance if they would take this sort of payment or not.

Q6) Do you provide moving insurance?

No one can deny the fact that moving is a risk. To ensure that the process is done well, you should always choose a company that gives you insurance. Taking third party insurance during a move is not a right decision because, in this way, you can get stuck to complications if something goes wrong during a move. Claiming for third-party insurance is tough whereas if you are taking it directly from the mover, you can manage the things well.

Q7) What kind of packing supply you use?

There is nothing wrong in enquiring about the same to the mover after all you are giving them your lifelong investment. You should not compromise with the quality of packing supply because the success of move depends on packing a lot. Always go with the company that uses quality packing supply after all you are investing a lot in that.

Q8) Do you provide transportation services?

There are many packers and movers in Bangalore or any other city who provide limited services. It is better to ask about everything in the beginning only. Ask them if they provide transportation services and do they have their own moving vehicle or they contact a third party for the same. If the company does not have its own vehicle for moving then might be you are not with a trustworthy company.

Hiring a mover is easy but hiring a good mover is tough. You have to go through a tough procedure if you really wish to make the right decision in the same. Always check the authenticity of the company before hiring. These 9 questions to ask your mover will assist you in selecting the right company for the task.

Never fall into the trap of the wrong one. Solve all your questions and queries before hiring and in this way, you will find the mover that would proficiently deal with the moving requirement. Ask these 9 straightforward questions to hire a credible company for shifting requirements.

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