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Documents Required While Filing Tax Returns

All India ITR - Your personal tax expert

Monday August 28, 2017,

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Filing for Returns is a must for anyone who has a Gross Total Income that exceeds the exemption limit of Rs. 2.5 Lakhs within a financial year. The list of documents which are usually required during the filing of Income Tax Returns are as follows:

Form 16: Form 16 is required as it acts as a certificate to verify that tax has been deducted from your salary. It is also helpful in making you understand the income of your salary and the taxes which have been deducted on behalf of the government, by the employer.

Form 16A: You must collect Form 16A from those entities who have deducted tax during the time of payment. The entities authorized to make TDS include banks (if you have a fixed deposit account), companies, tenants to whom you (taxpayer) have rented out a property etc.

Summary of updated bank accounts operational under your name: This will give you an idea of all the income you earned within a financial year, including details on investments and expenses you have incurred. The Income Tax Department will be able to furnish a complete detail of all earnings from other sources which might be taxable.

Information of property you owned: If you have purchased any property within the financial year, you must produce details of the rent received (if applicable) and the receipts of payment for Municipal Tax. If the property was purchased on a loan, then you have to produce details of the loan taken and the interest paid on the loan.

Sale and purchase bill, documents, contract note for investments made, assets sold: As a taxpayer, you are required to produce any purchase documents related to sales made within the year. For larger transactions, before computing the taxable income, you must prepare a statement of the sale, documents which will verify investments made on the purchase, the loss and profit documentation etc.

Details of tax payments: If you have made any Advance Tax payment within the year then you must produce the details.