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Studying abroad in India – Which are the perks?

Studying abroad in India – Which are the perks?

Tuesday April 24, 2018,

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Why would a US student go for studies in India, you may ask? Well, there is rose lassis and you might really enjoy that. But on a more serious note, more and more US students choose India as a study country for a variety of solid reasons. A developing country, with plenty of opportunities when it comes to highly reviewed colleges and job opportunities, but also the inherent fascination that people have with the Indian continent for centuries, you may also feel attracted by it as well. Below are our top reasons for which you may want to study abroad in India.


A developing country

Students across the US and other very developed countries don’t have the privilege of enjoying the lifestyle of a developing country unless they are already well-traveled. For many, landing in India is like a crash course on social disparities and social issues, but nonetheless, this is an amazing lesson we all must learn before reaching adulthood. However, the lesson goes beyond the social struggles and expands to diverse challenges that people from developing countries face every day. Infrastructural challenges, economic challenges, sexism, and bigotry, as opposed to the natural beauty of India and its simple locals, will impress most American students, making them realise the privileges they enjoy back in their home country.

A struggling, but growing economy

Go to the nearest office for an India e visa for Americans because you will be the witness of an economy that develops under your eyes. While parts of India struggle with real poverty, inequality and social disparities, others grow and develop under the visitor’s and locals’ eyes. Cities like Mumbai and New Delhi are some of those cities on a development peak, integrating the limiting settlements and contributing to their development. The next generations contribute to the country’s development, as in India there are several technological hubs with an immense potential.

You’ll have an amazing time in Indian campuses

Studying abroad at an Indian university may turn into a lifetime experience, at least from the point of view of the time spent on campus. You will find interactions with local Indian students to be quite rewarding and fulfilling, as these students are filled with joy, innovative ideas and a healthy view of life in general. The English language in widely-used in Indian campuses and you will have an easy time in your communication attempts with the students there, not to mention the fact that the teaching medium is also English.

Education beyond the classroom

Your education process will not be limited to the classroom, nor will it be burdened by anything. In fact, you will find plenty of learning opportunities in your everyday life, outside the classroom. The Indian lifestyle is an intricate one that will teach you something at every step that you take.

These are some solid reasons for which you may want to consider studying abroad in India. The country is a mesmerizing one, filled with opportunities.