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Why Email Marketing is Still a Worthy Investment for Brands?

Why Email Marketing is Still a Worthy Investment for Brands?

Monday April 27, 2020,

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Do you use digital marketing for your business?

If yes, you might be wondering why your competitors still use emails for marketing? Or perhaps, why should you use email marketing too? Despite it being type-casted as a conventional form of marketing, here are some facts:

According to research by Statista, in 2019, about 3.9 billion global email users amounted, which are estimated to grow up to 4.3 billion in the year 2023.

As email users are increasing, so does the scope for marketing the business through email. 

A survey says that for the past ten years, email has generated the highest ROI for the marketers. For every $1 spent by a marketer on email marketing, they can expect an average return of $42. 

To make the importance of email marketing more clear, let us understand email marketing and its benefits in detail.

Email Marketing And its Importance

Email communication is a big part not only of one’s professional but also of his personal life. This makes email marketing the most effective way to engage the audience. Research by Pew Research Center specifies that 92% of adults in the United States use email, out of which 61% of email users sends and receives emails every day. 

Email marketing, the act of sending commercial messages, allows the businesses to personalize the messaging, and tailor messages based on the customers’ actions.

Why is Email Marketing Still Worthy of Investment?

1. Email Marketing is Cost-Effective

When you prepare a marketing strategy for your business, budgeting is the most important thing. Isn’t it?

No matter whatever strategies come in the digital marketing world, one thing won’t ever change, i.e., budgeting. Organizations have to come up with tactics that allow them to maximize their business with some amount of budget increasing every year. Email marketing helps you achieve precisely that. 

Adopting email marketing involves minimal cost. Nowadays, organizations hire help for creating email content and use tools to make the marketing process less time-intensive. These tools or automated services costs relatively minimal. 

Besides this, as described before, email marketing provides a high return on investment (ROI). Therefore, using email communication for marketing is the perfect option for businesses working with small budgets or the companies who want to reach out to a large amount of audience with minimal cost. 

Email Marketing is Cost-Effective

Email marketing is cost-effective and  provides a high ROI

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2. Email can be Easily Integrated With Other Marketing Strategies

Email marketing can be integrated with other marketing strategies to get better outcomes. For instance, marketing emails work best with social media. Businesses that run social media contests and giveaway spread the word about it through email campaigns. 

Another tactic is to include social media share buttons in the marketing email to boost the social media audience of the business.

Few of the other tactics that can be integrated with email marketing are:

Different Email Marketing Strategies

Email Marketing Easily Integrated With Other Marketing Strategies

[Image Source: https://www.bizmartech.com/significance-of-e-mail-marketing-strategy/]

Content marketing has become the most important part of digital marketing. It allows businesses to broadcast their new content or blogs about their products through emails. 

3. The process of Email Marketing can be Automated

One of the essential tactics is email automation. Among the digital marketing processes that can be automated, email marketing lends well with automation.

Email automation helps in improving the timeliness of your campaigns. With the use of email marketing, companies can automatically trigger messages once the customer visits the website, searches for a product, or any such actions. For instance, with email automation, businesses make sure that the users receive an email shortly after they add products to the cart and then abandon the cart. This strategy can allow companies to focus on other work and let the automation system take care of holding consumers.

The process of Email Marketing can be Automated

Email Automation Improve Campaign's Timeliness

[Image Source: https://www.cleverreach.com/au/features/automated-mailings/email-marketing-automation-thea/]

List of Popular Brands Using Email Marketing

  • Uber
  • Marriott
  • Myntra
  • BuzzFeed

Finish Line: Start with Email Marketing Today To Grow Your Business

Now, you have an answer to why email marketing is still worthy of an investment. You can start planning, how can you use email marketing for your business.