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ERP Trends Foreseeable in 2019

ERP Trends Foreseeable in 2019

Tuesday January 08, 2019,

4 min Read

With 2019 just kicked off, it’s time for everyone to speculate about things that ERP will unfold in the future. The intense competitive business environment isn’t showing any slowdown sign, which makes sense for businesses to enhance their performance with ERP software. The previous year was marked with stellar performance and growth of ERP such as SAP Business One with customers crossing the 70,000 milestones worldwide. Just like previous year, this year too seems promising for ERP industry and we expect to see surprising elements unfolding in this year.

So, let’s get started and see some ERP trends falling in 2019.

High Adoption of ERP from SMEs continue

This year expect to see some dazzling numbers of SMEs investing in ERP. This is because small to medium-sized enterprises have already analyzed the ERP software needs and getting smarter about automating their business processes. Faced with the complexity of inefficiencies and limitations of legacy solutions, SMBs are now investing more and more in bringing enterprise-ready solutions such as SAP Business One in place. Once limited to large-scale enterprises, we can see ERP is becoming more affordable for small and mid-market businesses. Additionally, SMBs are now realizing the tangible benefits that come with modernizing their business processes with ERP software that can manage end-to-end business functions.

IoT is not a thing of the passé

Do you think (IoT) is just a thing of the passé? Think again. Gartner predicts that IoT endpoints and spending on advanced analytics will increase by double-digit rates in 2019. IoT enables businesses to gather useful metrics and other critical insights to optimize business performance faster with great precision.

But to gain the maximum out of IoT, it has to be sync with your ERP software, When you integrate smart technology with your ERP software, you can have the best of everything.. With the power of IoT coupled with an enterprise-ready software, you could be in a win-win situation.  For example, with ERP you can have real-time traceability, dive deep into production lines and with IoT capability you can have real-time insights and make a business decision at the drop of hat. This level of intelligence and smartness empower business people, project managers, sales managers and production managers to keep costs to the minimal levels, making it one of the most desirable trends we can probably witness in 2019.   .  

Cloud ERP Continue to Accelerate

Just like the previous year, this year also marked the era of Cloud ERP.  This year expect the big trend for Cloud ERP gaining its high momentum and continue to dominate the ERP market.  Cloud solutions are best in the sense they are operated and managed by providers, freeing your business to avoid maintenance, upgrade and other security parameters. Since this ERP don’t require in-house servers, businesses are widely embracing cloud and reaping the benefits of enhanced scalability and flexibility.   

Focus on Security and Compliance  

This year will witness a great spur for businesses prioritizing their security protection and compliance in the coming year. However, many ERP consultants and partners are aware of this fact, making it a concrete effort on security protocols and support for compliance. ERP will keep up with enhanced encryption, and strict compliance and regulations to protect your business from falling into the wrong hands.  

The big takeaway from this blog is that ERP is gradually becoming a necessity for businesses and is now more secure and scalable. Still, some businesses are hesitant and slow to embark on ERP journey. The fact is that SAP Business One is GST compliant and it constantly upgrades its software so the security issues stand negligible when you invest in an enterprise-ready ERP such as SAP Business One.