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What is the Essential Characteristics of a Food Delivery App?

What is the Essential Characteristics of a Food Delivery App?

Thursday February 06, 2020,

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The food delivery business is one of the vital contributors to the on-demand industry. No one should skip a meal just because they are busy or not able to cook. This was the main agenda for the service to be evolved. The food delivery apps were launched in the market, and they partnered up with several restaurants to deliver lip-smacking food to the users. There are many such on-demand apps in the market, namely, UberEats, GrubHub, SkipTheDishes JustEat, Seamless, Postmates, DoorDash, FlashFood, and more. All these apps deliver food to the users and have been in this sector for quite a few years. 

Why invest in this sector?

The food delivery service is one of the on-demand services that will never go out of trend. No matter how tasty the food is today, users will crave for more the next day. So, it is the right time to invest in the food delivery service. For this service, the entrepreneurs have to develop a food delivery app that will help them carry out the entire process smoothly. People do not want to take the effort of getting dressed and going out to a restaurant to dine in or take away food. The app will save them all this travel and time. You will have a wide range of cuisines to choose from, and the food will be delivered on time. 

What are the essential panels to be included in the app?

Any food delivery app like Ubereats Clone should have three panels or dashboards based on the three roles major roles involved in the process. 

User Dashboard

User dashboard:

The user or the customer panel should consist of options that suit the flow of their process. They need to have registration options, a list of restaurants, multiple payment gateways, offers, live tracking, and details about the delivery executive. With regard to this flow, several search filters and features can be included. 

Administrator dashboard:

The administrator should be able to monitor the entire process and make any changes if needed. They should have access to the user and the delivery executive data. 

Delivery executive dashboard:

The delivery personnel should have access to the location and the contact details of the customer. They will reach the restaurant, collect the order, and deliver it to the customer. They should have multiple registration choices, document verification, and so on. They should have the facility to accept or reject the food delivery orders. 

What are the attributes to be available in a food delivery app?

There are two types of app you can go with: the clone app or an app built from scratch. The major difference between the both is that the clone app will take less time, cost, and resources to develop. Whereas an app built from the initial stage will take up more cost, time, and resources. Another leverage is that the clone app can be customized easily. These are the main aspects as to why entrepreneurs opt for clone apps. The most important attributes to be present in a clone app are:

Search filters:

The app should contain several search filters that will help the customer find the food items or the restaurant easily. Filters can be based on price, delivery time, cuisine, and more. This will increase the user operability of the food delivery app. 

Live tracking:

The user and the delivery executive should be able to track each other and get access to the contact details. This way, the customer will know where their food is, and the delivery executive will know where to deliver the food. In case they have any concerns, they can communicate with each other using the contact details. 

Chat or call support:

The queries or concerns of the customers should be solved as soon as possible. Give the customer two options to contact you: via phone or in-app chat. As you address their concerns quickly, they will start preferring your app over the other apps in the market. 

Payment methods:

One of the key features of the food delivery app is the payment gateway integration. The gateway included should be safe and secure. It should not track any banking details of the user at any point in time for any reason. Also, provide them with multiple choices to help them pay easier for the order. Do not forget to include the cash on delivery option also. 

Scheduled delivery:

This feature will be an added advantage as people would sometimes like to schedule their food orders. When they are busy with their work, they might forget to place an order. So, allow them to place orders before handed. Deliver the order at the scheduled time to ear more loyal customers. 

Pick up and dine-in options:

These options are rarely used, but you can include them in the app for a few customers who want to use it. The app should have a facility that will let the users pick their order from the restaurant. Also, have a feature that will allow customers to reserve a table at a restaurant of their choice. 


The following features will help you gain a large number of customers. Entrepreneurs who are looking for app development companies to build an app can contact AppDupe. They are one of the leading companies in the market. Take a look at their website and talk to them to get further details about the clone app you wish to develop.