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About On-Demand Service App And Disruptive Market Considerations

On-demand service has become more popular as it opens the door to many business opportunities. Let's question What is an On-demand App?

About On-Demand Service App And Disruptive Market Considerations

Tuesday August 27, 2019,

4 min Read

In today's busy world, the on-demand economy and on-demand apps are two buzzwords. We live in a world where mobile is the driving force and also acts as the game-changer for the business to gain huge profits. Be it food delivery, health care, courier, or whatever the business may the on-demand services is prevalent worldwide. On-demand service has become more popular as it opens the door to many business opportunities. Let's question What is an On-demand App?

What is on-demand App?

On-demand apps are mobile platforms that cater to the needs of customers when they request it. The features, functions and interface of these apps will depend on the nature of your business and target audience. The user can either get the service immediately or schedule it for later depending on the service they request. 

Most of the people are very eager to grab services when they don't have enough time to do it. Certainly, mobiles app are the lifesaver aids makes sense if widely available. An on-demand mobile app works as follows: User installs the App and places the orders if required. 

There are a few questions that everyone must consider before developing an on-demand mobile app like:


  1. What is the list of tasks that take significant time and effort?
  2. Analyse what you can do better by using technology and creativity?
  3. What are the niche services that stay for a long time? 
  4. How will you plan your idea into a user-friendly app?
  5. Does your idea is a potential interesting to investors?
  6. Is it possible to scale the concept to enterprise level?

Key aspects to consider for a Top-notch on-demand app.

Development cost: Are you seriously in thought to disrupt the market then plan to visit the on-demand app development company that provides quality and quick service at a lower price than it already been done by big players.

Technology Stack you choose: The technology that you choose will also be considered as a critical factor for the development of an on-demand app. The technologies that you choose for web and mobile app platforms will also be considered as a crucial aspect.

Flexible Sell: Flexibility for providing service is your primary goal. These apps are built for providing the users' needs as per user convenience. Your app goal is to provide the service at clients' scheduled timings. 

The basic structure of the on-demand mobile App

Usually, the on-demand mobile App consists of 3 types of modules:

User App: In this App, the user will search for the solution that they are in need, even they see the reviews of the services that are provided, price and other features like tracking the order. 

Service provider app: This is the App where the service provider can list all the services that they are providing to the user. Even they can describe their services and also communicate with their clients.

Admin Panel: The App where the admin can manage all the other apps like user and service provider app functions. He can even add a news feed, payment tracking and user access etc. 

What is the MVP for a robust on-demand service application

The structure for on-demand MVP must have the list of features that are in on-demand service mobile app. Here is the list of essential features for the on-demand applications:

  • User registration
  • Map Integration
  • Filters 
  • Products or vendors list
  • Favourite list
  • Payment integration
  • Ratings
  • Notifications

Cost for development of on-demand App

Other factors influence the cost for the development of on-demand mobile App such as:

  • UI/UX designers
  • Frontend Developers
  • Backend Developers
  • Android Developers
  • iOS developers
  • QA engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Deployment manager

Closing Thoughts

To wrap up the above is the list of features for the successful on-demand mobile App. The businesses from fast paced service sector like from restaurant to healthcare and travel to logistics, the services related business has taken the competition in stride. Thus, if you are looking to build on-demand App, then there can never be a better time than today.