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Cybercrime urge Startups to Adopt Mainstream Cyber Solutions

By Tony Robert|6th Jun 2019
Cyber Tips for Startup Business
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Cyber Security Tips for Startups

Cyber crime in most cases are through monetary transmissions and sharing of online data over the internet. Roughly 54% of companies worldwide confessed they have faced Ups and Downs in terms of unprotected data and poor cybersecurity practices

Below are few evidences on How Cybercrime urge Startups to Adopt Mainstream Cybersecurity Solutions:

  • Most of the startups labelled as being in AI attract 25% to 50% more funding than other technology firms. As Investors are pouring millions into these AI Startups, it is also being reasonable for cybercriminals to explore its potential and shortly, there is a possibility of these startups being a part of cybersecurity threats.
  • Startup companies lack an establishment of a secular groundwork when it comes to cybersecurity, and as an opportunist they can’t take any chances of being a victim of a cyberattack.
  • When it comes to cyber-attack it is not just the financial damage for startups, it is also an untold reputation damage.
  • Suffering a cyber-attack can cause customers to lose trust in business and spend their money elsewhere. Additionally, having a reputation for poor security can also lead to a failure to win new contracts.

As these evidences clarify the prominence of mainstream tech solutions, startup’s still are muddled to know “what is the most important mainstream tech solution for startups to adopt?”

To maintain a secured cyber network, startups need to adopt three major mainstream Cybersecurity solutions

  1. SSL Certificate
  2. Deception technology
  3. Multi-factor Authentication

SSL Certificate:

An SSL Certificate encrypts the data in transit between the server and the browser. not just any encryption, it provides a 256-bit high level encryption that are only used for military regulations.

Well, you may shrug on understanding why need a military level encryption?

Every users who gets involved in highly sensitive data needs a military level encryption

For example: there are two process which take place while doing a transaction

how the web server and the browser works

  1. A transaction request is sent to the bank's web server
  2. As per the request, data from the web server gets transmitted to the user browser.

So in this case, if you do not have an SSL certificate the requested data, while transmitting from the web server to the browser may get hacked.

Risk of not using SSL certificate is your in-depth guide to understand the risks your business would carry if you are not using an SSL certificate for the website. And if you do have SSL Installed check if it is installed properly on free SSL Checker Tool

Deception technology:

Deception technology is a type of security tools and methods that are designed to misguide the attacker and prevent him from reaching his intended target, Deception technology products provide services that are designed to trick the hacker into thinking he has found a way to steal credentials. However, the attacker has been lured into scanning or attacking a decoy, the decoy appears as a genuine IT assets through out the network. it runs as a real operating system and provides which then notifies a special dedicated server called an engagement server or a deception server.

Multi-factor Authentication:

A recent record of 773 million data being exposed on MEGA Cloud Storage platform, leads to believe the fragility of data security and in-turn influences to trust Multifactor Authentication solutions for important accounts.

Consider this: a hacker sniffed your bank account, PIN or password from a public Wi-Fi network, by tracing network packets or using some malware to attack your PC. He still will not be in a position to access your account as your bank would have implemented strong Multi-factor Authentication using an additional password generated from a mobile application to a phone which is in your possession.

Multi-factor Authentication mitigates the risk of unauthorized access to VPN, Windows Login, Cloud Based Applications, network devices and many more

These are the few important mainstream tech solution for startups to adopt.

As the process of Digital Transformation, models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies, it also confronts the ongoing threat of Cyber Crimes. Therefore adopting mainstream techs is one of the most important decisions for every startup companies.