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Exhibition stall Fabricator? Find the right companies and events to partner with

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

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Today, events are becoming the go-to option for direct promotion and customer outreach for brands across industries. As such, the demand for event stall fabricators who can conceptualize and execute an event stall design as per the brand brief has grown exponentially over the last decade.

Event fabricators have come a long way from executing simple brand themed designs to creating custom stall designs for exhibitions that provide immersive experiences to the attendees. A creative stall fabricator can overcome the limitations of space and location in order to drive footfalls to the exhibitor stand. So, event organizers and companies are increasingly looking for event fabricators who can execute a booth design that utilizes the space optimally and ensures maximum walk-ins.

For succeeding as an exhibition stall designer in the highly competitive event service provider industry, becoming visible to events and communicating your unique design abilities is crucial. So, online avenues like social media, websites, and event platforms are gaining relevance as tools for creating widespread visibility and establishing your brand. Here are a few suggestions on how you can leverage each of these options to your advantage -

  1. Website - Your website is the perfect tool for showcasing your past work and also giving a sneak peek into the range of designs that you are capable of producing. Websites offer a huge amount of creative freedom in terms of colours and layout. Hence, they are ideal for making your brand as an event fabricator memorable and stand-out among the competition. You will also score major points with potential customers by having an exclusive testimonial section that highlights the USP of your services and vouches for your delivery.
  2. Social media - Your social media account can be leveraged to create a widespread audience for your designs. By using the right hashtags you can easily ensure that your fabrications catch the eye of a global audience. Highly visual platforms like Instagram and viral ones like Twitter are best suited for your endeavour. By following and interacting with right event organizers and relevant companies you can network effectively and keep up with the latest trends of event stall design or fabrication.
  3. Event partnership platforms - Presence on specialised event partnership platforms like Onspon.com is a must-have if you want to catch the eye of the right companies and trending events. Onspon has over 8000 active events at any given point and has more than 500 verified companies. By registering as a vendor on the platform, you will become instantly visible to relevant event promoters and companies without the hassle of market research and price negotiations. You also open up a veritable faucet of qualified sales leads as event organizers looking to hire fabricators are already present on this platform and could be in a frame of mind to select the right service providers.

Companies from diverse industries are increasingly opting for exhibitions and events as a way of showcasing their product. As such, in the coming years, your talents as an event fabricator who can design innovative and themed stalls is going to be in high demand. But, if you do not position yourself correctly and ensure optimum visibility you run the risk of losing out on this opportunity.

Going online and establishing your presence on social media and dedicated event partnership platforms is therefore a must-have promotional strategy for today’s stall fabricators. All the hard work that you do in creating functional and beautiful layouts and fabrications needs to be promoted in a manner that is not only time and cost effective but also offers the perfect opportunity to catch the eye of your target customers. 

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