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Expanding Business with No Cost Planning with Botgento Chatbot

Expanding Business with No Cost Planning with Botgento Chatbot

Thursday November 08, 2018,

4 min Read

One click shopping has become the source of everyday life; the gregarious concept has made everyone eager of being conceptual about interest on the go.

In light of the fact that there is apparently new development developed every day, it might be difficult to pick what your retail business should get a handle on and what may possibly be a pattern. Among every one of the discussions, there is an advancement innovated called Botgento which is a conversational chatbot for Magento website.

Botgento Chatbot is a complete marketing driven tool for your Magento Website, it integrates Facebook Messenger Chatbot with your Magento store, that results in fast store operations, high customer engagement and good sales.

Do you know why your Magento store requires Botgento?

Botgento can be to an incredible degree great in controlling customers the right route with respect to purchasing decisions. It makes online business to streamline customers fundamental by understanding the pinpoint; what the customer needs and affirming the buy with satiation.

Internet Shopping and Mobile Shopping is developing quickly, every business is endeavoring to rearrange the procedure, which is kind of difficult yet while considering potential customers picking Abandoned Cart is a dissatisfaction case. For all such business stresses, Botgento offers exceptional features like:

Key Features:

1) Abandoned Cart Recovery: Remind your customers about products left in their cart, offer them with extra benefits like discount code or seasonal code. You can even help customers with their queries regarding specific product in the cart.

2) Unlimited Broadcast: Re-Engage customers with attractive store events and product offers by sending unlimited broadcast messages according to their local time.

3) Order Updates: Customers will be notified about Order and Shipping updates right within their Facebook Messenger.

4) Enhanced Customer Acquisition: Get more subscribers utilizing this widget to make your store more prospect generating.

Explore More Features

Botgento is for?

Botgento targets Magento eCommerce stores/websites to make it customer oriented and fulfills the focus points like high customer engagement, abandoned cart recovery, product marketing etc.

What makes Botgento an excellent tool for marketing?

  • It re-engages customer in a new form, it delivers the best from the store to the right customers within required time-frame.
  • High open rates compare to other marketing channels
  • It has 80% Open Rate in comparison to other marketing channels.
  • There are around 2.23 billion monthly active Facebook users, therefore the reach is more than any other platforms or chatbots.
  • It completely focuses on altruist customer service and it also has a familiar built components like Shopping Bot for assisting customers, Automate Messages regarding store and products and it also attempts with 24x7 availability for support.
  •  Customer delight is truly considered from Botgento after someone completes the order process.
  • For e.g. Please give your valuable feedback or review about XYZ product.
  •  Botgento allows you to create and promote product campaigns, to keep your store active with  customer participation.

Reach and Re-Engage Your Customers:

The open rates and site navigation rates keep on the struggle for high customer engagement from Facebook Messenger Chatbot with shopping ratio. It is not at all surprising that store/website owners are presently planning for messenger marketing to hold their customer interest and lower Abandoned Cart.

Facebook User Worldwide
Facebook User Worldwide

It now acts from the earliest starting phase of the shopping procedure - like proposing products - settling the last buy of the individuals. For an online business, chatbot is turning into an extremely proficient tool in making the flow for the customer through a pipe.


Another approach to assemble trust and motivate buying is by offering chatbot assistance to a customer for a store operation flow, like chatbot on Messenger.

The major point is when a customer wants to contact a company, can do rapidly with the help of a chatbot for acquiring choices. For instance, in the store event that a customer has an inquiry regarding the measure of a product or item, needs an appropriate response from the store itself, missing out this will result in Abandoned Cart. In such case, chatbots are awesome tools for retail regarding customer benefit since giving customers the snappy reactions they require with the goal for them to make buys rapidly and productively.


An online business makes chatbot a correspondence between the customer and your product. In doing as such, you can bring down Abandoned Cart to surrender rates, all the more proficiently and exploit those deals while additionally fabricating trust and faithfulness among customers.