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Up-cycling and Miniature crafting

This is a world of creations lovingly crafted with my favorite homemade ceramic clay.

Tuesday June 07, 2016,

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 My business was created 12 years ago, when I first discovered my love for the crafts. I am a self-taught creator, who has been experimenting with various mediums since the first time I dabbled with crafts in 2002. The name World o' Cerámica was coined in 2009 when I opened my own store which lasted briefly for two years.

Internet, friends and other artists have contributed in creating my own style. It first began as a bunch of amateurs from college setting up a stall for friends and family to earn some pocket money. We found our separate paths after we graduated, and mine led to this world of incredible peace and tranquility.

That is what I experience when I am consumed by a project that need my absolute and minute attention.

I moved from pottery to murals and now my fascination is with these realistic looking food miniatures. Currently I make these miniature articles for sale and conduct workshops in Bangalore.

In parallel to the business, I am a BCom. graduate working as a full time IT professional. I have struck a sort of balance handling the two lives, weekdays being dedicated to my office and weekends or other holidays are spent obsessed with my crafts.

I take pleasure in the delight and smiles of my customer. My only competition is myself and I work to gain continuous appreciation from whoever views my work. For this very reason I am not afraid to experiment and learn new skills. It enables me to keep coming up with creative ideas that stun and please my customers.

Juggling the job and my passion used to be difficult, as my mind would always focus on what I was not able to do. What worked for me was a slight shift in perspective. Once I realized that my job helps me pursue my craft by being a constant source of income, and my passion enables me to relieve the stresses of my job, I found that they are perfectly complementing each other in my life.

My plan is to just go with the flow and be happy with wherever it takes me. I've learnt that planning only takes you so far, the rest is dependent on the faith in yourself and the bigger plan of the universe.

Currently I am focusing on workshops for miniature fake food which can be used as fridge magnets, key chains or jewelry charms.

My products are also available online at the below website and the prices start from ₹200. I ship the products all over India and am open to venture globally as well.