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Wedding stylist – An emerging profession

Sunday September 03, 2017,

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The world of fashion has always been attractive for the young and old alike. Choosing a career in the world of fashion is lucrative and offers many exciting options to choose from. The glamour associated with the fashion world adds to the charm of choosing it as a profession. For those bitten by the creative bug and are bursting with unique ideas, this is a field burgeoning with possibilities. Styling as a profession has emerged as one of the most lucrative options for those looking for a career in the fashion industry. It is a career path that combines the interest of the youth in latest trends with their fascination for the glamour. Styling, whether for celebrities or for the regular people, is a career option with great future prospects.

This is a world of super specialization and in line with this trend; the specialized field of Wedding Styling has taken the fashion world by storm. The practice of hiring a wedding stylist is almost a norm in the western world, but India where the weddings are larger than life Wedding Stylists are only beginning to be recognized as revered professionals.

What does it really mean to be someone’s wedding stylist?

The wedding stylist is more than just someone who puts together a glam outfit together for one day. The stylist or their team would look into the trends, understand their client, their body, and their vision, explore the market before taking any decision. They work to understand the client’s personal style, their personality, their physical traits and the vision that they have in mind for this special day. They make it their mission to not just pick out what you wear, but they also help you flaunt it in the right way by helping you pose right, stand tall and flash your gorgeous smile in an effortless manner.

Making sure you don’t fall victim to mindless trends.

A good wedding stylist would ensure that a blushing doesn’t blush for the wrong reasons. It is easy to fall prey to latest trends when it comes to finding the right wedding attire and follow a celebrity without regard or respect for your own body. The wedding stylist would ensure that the client’s complexion, body type, shape, size, and personality is taken into account before picking on any trend off the shelf.

Today, in the world overloaded with information, looking different and looking the best has taken on a new importance. On the wedding day this dream of looking like a million bucks becomes even more desirable. The wedding day is the day most girls dream of while growing up and remember fondly for the rest of their lives. Hiring a wedding stylist is a luxury that every woman would want by their side, helping make her special day perfect.

When you just can’t make it on time!

Ideally a bride would want to pick every piece that she wears herself, putting great thought into it, weaving her dreams of her future in it. However, in case of some women, it is nearly impossible as they are hard pressed for time, some might have their professional responsibilities while others may be geographically indisposed. This is especially true in case of NRI brides. Even when you have lived the greater part of your life away from India, you are bound to have a special attachment to the Indian traditions and culture. It is natural for the NRI brides to want an Indian wedding with everything planned perfectly to the tee.

In India as the wedding professionals are gaining respect and recognition, they have reached out to the NRI clientele looking for an Indian traditional wedding. Whether it is a big fat wedding or a traditionally chaotic affair, it is only natural that the bride and groom would want to look their best for their special day.

The digital intervention

Through skype and face time or other such interfaces, the wedding stylists are making the dreams of these hopeful brides a reality without them going through the hassle of scouring the market and running from tailor to tailor. All they need to do is have a video call with professionals from the team and have a heart to heart with them and even the measurements are taken on the video call. This makes it possible for the bride to land up in India mere days before the grand celebration and everything is already taken care of!