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A company that is ‘WORTH It’

Top GPS Tracking Base Company

Wednesday November 02, 2016,

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“Just search google “Best GPS companies in India”,you would find one name that froths up–‘Axestrack’.”

A company that boasts about their PAN India presence which certainly is a big thing to achieve in such a small amount of time; a company that has a strong gridof 350+ partners; a company which has established international presence pretty soon after its inception; a company which has catered varied clients along all the verticals; a company that is growing at a pace of 40% in every quarter, is surely a company that has something ‘WORTH It’.

A bunch of like-minded, ardent, staunch entrepreneurs with a wide array of functional expertise and domain exposure, BUT a common dream to refurbish logistics sector, came together to form Axestrack. In no time, this fervent team of IIT, IIM, and BITS Alumni, was able to transform Axestrack into a ‘brand’ from a ‘startup’.

Basically, dedicated to the field of GPS based vehicle tracking solutions, Axestrack is committed to spearhead in providing class apart solutions and revamp the transportation industry. The quality of service that they provide and their customer support initiatives are setting benchmarks for others.

They aim to touch lives (and of course make liveseasier) of each and every person who in anyway touches the roads!

With a variety of modules and finely designed solutions at disposal (Axestrack’s fanatical team’s output!), theyare proficient in handling varied industries like transportation, construction, cab services, cable and telecom, heavy equipment, schools, to start the list… Their specially crafted solutions, viz. Logistics solutions, Supply Chain Management solutions, Open Market Fleet Monitoring solutions, have proved to be big hit among their clients.

That reminds me of the biggest asset of Axestrack - its TEAM. Each and every one of its employees represent the spirit of the company: driven, devoted, and precisely aware of how limitless Axestrack’s potential is to grow. They are passionate about results and impatient for success, yet down to earth and approachable. In crux, they are the kind of people you would love to work with.

Part of Axestrack’s family, people who make use of its services (some address them as ‘Clients’) are always in awe and adulation for it, includes TATA Steel,Khaitan, GVK EMRI, OLA, L&T, Johnson Tiles, Saint Gobain Glass, Reil,Heidelberg Cement, SIS PROSEGUR, UP Police, DBFC, DGRC, TVS, Blackbuck, Wonder Cement, Shree Cement, just to name a few.

Headquartered in Jaipur, it has various offices along the length and breadth of India.

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