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Goodbye to Snapdeal Shopo

Goodbye to Snapdeal Shopo

Friday February 10, 2017,

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Shopo is an online platform which helps small and medium companies to sell their products easily with zero commission. Yes with zero commission. It was launched by Snapdeal in April 2015. But alas ... Shopo is closing its operations from 10 Feb 2017. Bye bye Shopo. But still any one can get support from Shopo by sending mail to [email protected]

Even though it was started in a small conference room, it helped lots of Mompreneurs and Homemakers to sell their products online and helped them to earn lot without spending a commission. Anyone can create an online store within 15 minutes on Shopo and promote it , sell their products everywhere with no documents and 0% commission. It helped mainly Mompreneurs and Homemakers to be a online store owner / boss and can be able control their online shop easily with hassle free order management and payment system. 


According to an article found on the Shopo site blog, this shut down is due to the cost cut down to face the challenge with counterpart eCom partners Flipkart and Amazon. But it is not a failure project from Snapdeal, because Shopo helped more than two lakh sellers to establish online store for them successfully. So, Don't worry team at Shopo, you did the job excellent. But sadly we have to say bye bye to Shopo and it's team! Come let us meet with another project soon. 

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