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Iot Technology Reforms Food Industry With Restaurant Mobile Apps

IoT is the revolutionary factor for food and restaurant industry. Know how mobile app development company develops IoT application that benefits restaurant industry.

Thursday December 01, 2016,

3 min Read

IoT is the concept that can simply be connected to any random smartphone device having on and off button. This concept has already been applied to majority industries like healthcare, retail, technology. So, application in the restaurant industry is not a surprise anymore. Afterwards, speed and convenience is the most important factor for peoples and IoT leverages these benefit to the snack bars. In the era of smartphones, where mobile browsing has outstripped PC and computer, IoT is something that has created major impact. So, here is how a restaurant can avail the advantage of IoT in best possible manner.

1.Ordering From Table:

There may happen a situation where customers are ready to order their choice of food but their servers aka waiter are down the drain. This makes customer impatient and frustrated. Those who do not have sufficient time to keep waiting for their server/waiter to arrive for them, order from the table would be the most exciting part and IoT makes such things possible. This system is highly advantageous for restaurants as customers tend to order more quantity from the table. It is also beneficial for servers in time when they are extremely busy to take orders.

2. Improvement In Restaurant Operations:

IoT hits great improvement in restaurant working channel. It offers tablet to the customer table where they can order their favorite appetizer and drink. Here need of menu is eliminated. When the particular restaurant app is provided to them, they can give their order to the server else can continue to opt for table side services. The main agenda of this concept is to leverage more options and faster services to the peoples. You can also include services like M-table reservation, Pre-food order, Ala-carte order booking for parcel etc.

3. Direct Payment From Table:

Another way where IoT can be used in the restaurant is to permit customers to pay their bill directly from the table. Ordering from table compress waiter time from those traditional approaches where a huge amount of time slot was consumed just to take peoples order. Application developed by top app development companies that even makes it easier to pay the bill from the table via multiple options like debit/credit card,Paypal etc.

4. Easy Take Away:

Ordering from application allows customers to place an order earlier that makes it easy to take away your parcel. There are applications that truly leverages best UX and that's were IoT comes into the picture. It encourages customers to order food online where they can earn extra loyalty points and offers through mobile ordering.

5. Smart Menu With IoT:

At weekends or public holidays, there is a gush of people found in the restaurant. Your all servers are busy attending consumers and the possibilities to serve all at the same time is negligible. Putting already baffled customers on long hold would loss your business. Using IoT-based menu helps restaurants to quickly satisfy customers demand that eliminates needs of servers.

6. Smart Kitchen With Restaurant App:

Transformation of eatery business depends heavily on reviews given by clients. Getting notifications of a client like: “Feeling was awesome” is amazing. One of the main agenda of this survey is to maintain the consistency of cooks and their cooking skills.

IoT is Everywhere

To summarize the entire subject, IoT technology implementation is one of the best ways to employ maximum resources in a cost-effective manner. As the technology expands, restaurants can expect to watch out a more IoT-based application in near future. So, want to develop an IoT-based app for your business? Just send us your briefings and we will get in touch with you soon. Contact us now.