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Give your SEO a boost with these simple 9 essentials

Semalt SEO Tips To Promote Ones Business

Give your SEO a boost with these simple 9 essentials

Tuesday April 17, 2018,

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The web always comes in handy although most people surfing tend to limit their options to the first page of results that show up on Google (or any other search engine). As such, your company must either be involved in an ardent SEO campaign or pay-per-click advertising. If SEO is done right, you're guaranteed a good ranking.

Michael Brown, the Customer Success Manager of Semalt, elaborates on tips to help you with the SEO strategy.

Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly

The number of people using their mobile devices to search for travel destinations and other tasks is increasing. This implies that your website should be navigable on any device - whether it's a laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Stay informed on Google's mobile ranking factors.

use a responsive web design

reduce page loading speeds

avoid small touch elements

don't use text files

keep off flash animation

there should be no unnecessary and intrusive interstitials

Be creative with keywords

Let's consider this example: somebody wants to go to Paris. When does their trip begin? Is it when they set foot in Paris? Well of course not. Is it when they board their plane? Also wrong. So, how about when they board a cab en route to the airport? Close but not close enough. Their trip begins immediately they conceive the idea. To capitalize on this, ensure that you use the best keywords. For instance, long tail keywords like "book a hotel in London" or "plane from Paris to London" should do. To rank high, use specific and service keywords.

Leverage social media

Social media plays a key role in instigating people to make use of your services. Believe it or not, there's a good synergy between visual media and social networks. Take advantage of this. Post HD, compelling photos on your social media pages.

Start a blog

You should have your own blog to get links back to your website. Compose fresh, insightful content coupled with stock photos. Write something that can catch everyone's interest.

Link to authoritative websites/blogs

If your company gets a mention in the well-known and authoritative sources, then you'll do good business.

Ensure that your website is easily navigable

If you have many pages, then ensure that they are easily navigable. Experts recommend that no 2 pages should be more than three clicks away. In fact, it would be a great idea to include sections and subsections of content.

Be visual

Nice photos shouldn't be reserved for social media alone. Your website must be visually appealing. Pictures and videos leave a better impression compared to mere text.

Fill out a schema markup for your website

The schema markup is the coolest feature that ever happened on Google. Fortunately or unfortunately it only works for websites ranked on the first page of a search result. Pack your schema markup with reviews, 5-star ratings, and photos. It works magic.


Spy on your competitors

Set up a team to review competitors.Try to analyze their websites using tools like Web CEO to analyze their strategies. Try to figure out:

how they rank for the keywords you could be using

key domains they backlink to

all their activities on social media