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How to download all files from a folder on a website?

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How to download all files from a folder on a website?

Tuesday June 26, 2018,

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All modern websites and blogs generate their pages using JavaScript (such as with AJAX, jQuery, and other similar techniques). So, webpage parsing is sometimes useful to determine the location of a site and its objects. A proper webpage or HTML parser is capable of downloading the content and HTML codes and can undertake multiple data mining tasks at a time. 

GitHub and ParseHub are two most useful webpage scrapers that can be used both for basic and dynamic sites. The indexing system of GitHub is similar to that of Google, while ParseHub works by continuously scanning your sites and updating their content. If you are not happy with the results of these two tools, then you should opt for Fminer. 

This tool is primarily used to scrape data from the net and parse different web pages. However, Fminer lacks a machine learning technology and is not suitable for sophisticated data extraction projects. For those projects, you should opt for either GitHub or ParseHub.

1. ParseHub:

Parsehub is a web scraping tool that supports sophisticated data extraction tasks. Webmasters and programmers use this service to target sites that use JavaScript, cookies, AJAX, and redirects. ParseHub is equipped with the machine learning technology, parses different web pages and HTML, reads and analyzes web documents, and scrapes data as per your requirement. 

It is currently available as a desktop application for the Mac, Windows and Linux users. A web application of ParseHub has launched some time ago, and you can run up to five data scraping tasks at a time with this service. One of the most distinctive features of ParseHub is that it is free-to-use and extracts data from the internet with just a few clicks. 

Are you trying to parse a webpage? Do you want to collect and scrape data from a complex site? With ParseHub, you can easily undertake multiple data scraping tasks and thus save your time and energy.

2. GitHub:

Just like ParseHub, GitHub is a powerful webpage parser and data scraper. One of the most distinctive features of this service is that it is compatible with all web browsers and operating systems. GitHub is primarily available for the Google Chrome users. It allows you to set up the sitemaps on how your site should be navigated and what data should be scrapped. 

You can scrape multiple web pages and parse HTML with this tool. It can also handle sites with cookies, redirects, AJAX and JavaScript. Once the web content is fully parsed or scraped, you can download it to your hard drive or save it in a CSV or JSON format. The only downside of GitHub is that it doesn't possess automation features.


Both GitHub and ParseHub are a good choice for scraping an entire or partial website. Plus, these tools are used to parse HTML and different web pages. They possess their distinctive features and are used to extract data from blogs, social media sites, RSS feeds, yellow pages, white pages, discussion forums, news outlets and travel portals.

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