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Tips on Home Invasion and Burglary Prevention

Tips on Home Invasion and Burglary Prevention

Monday February 06, 2017,

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Home invasions and burglaries are potentially dangerous crimes that may lead to fatalities or huge loss of property if there is no life alert system to provide safety cover. A home invasion takes place when robbers or intruders gain access by force into occupied buildings like homes and hotels to steal or commit other dreadful crimes. A burglary on the other hand, involves entering a building without the permission of the owner with the intention of stealing. Such buildings can be pharmacies, churches, workshops and so on. In both cases, the invaders or burglars choose the times and circumstances when the owners of the property are most vulnerable.

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Facts You Should Know About Home Invasions and Burglaries

1. Invaders Avoid Homes with Effective Security Systems

The report of a study conducted by the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte revealed that about 60 percent of burglars who got convicted claimed to take the security systems in a building into consideration before making the decision to attack. This makes it critical for individuals, families and corporate organizations to have emergency systems like a life alert system in place to work against these criminals.

2. Criminals can Complete the a Burglary Invasion in 10 Minutes

No criminal wants to be the centre of attention during the act of criminality. Most of them will go for homes or buildings they consider easy targets because of the need to strike, steal and leave without being noticed.

3. One-Third of Invasions Happen When Someone is Home

Being present at the scene of a crime can be frightening and traumatic. The United States Department of Justice reports that a household member was present at the time when about 28 percent of invasion attempts happened and a whopping 7 percent of such household members experienced some sort of violent crime, probably because they were never armed with a life alert system.

Guidance on Home Invasion and Burglary Prevention

The more information you have about home invasion and burglary, the better your chances of protecting or safeguarding yourself, family and home from such attacks. These are some tips that can help you stay safe.

1. Get a Home and Personal Security System: One of the most effective ways of preventing or nullifying attacks in your home is to install a monitored security system there and have a life alert system to respond adequately if it happens.

2. Ensure Your Doors and Windows are Always Securely Locked When You are Out: The statistic that 30 percent of burglars or invaders enter homes through an unlocked door or window may be startling but it really should get your attention.

3. Have Someone Check Your Home When You Travel: Varying your schedules to get home sometimes unexpectedly is good. But when you are out on a long distant trip, notify your neighbours or commission someone to be on the lookout for you.

What is Silent Beacon?

Silent Beacon is an advanced personal alert security system and the best you can get in the market today. It works in a very unique way in that you can alert your loved ones or the emergency services if you are in danger during a home invasion or burglary attack without having to use your phone or make a call. The Silent Beacon allows users to concentrate on getting out of a dangerous situation by contacting their loved ones or the emergency services to notify them of their location or which direction they are heading.

Silent Beacon is What You Need against Home Invaders and Burglars

If you are the victim of an ongoing home invasion or burglary; just with the press of a button on your silent beacon device, you can alert 911 and get them to your location fast. The system allows you the flexibility to add up to 8 emergency contacts to your device and with the press of a single button you can alert all of them at the same time. The GPS-enabled locator in the device will help the emergency services get to your location in quick time because the hassles of asking for detailed directions would not be there.

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