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5 ways entrepreneurs can have fun and be productive

5 ways entrepreneurs can have fun and be productive

Tuesday April 17, 2018,

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Being an entrepreneur, many try to forget everything in life and focus only on their career, company or organization. I understand the importance of a job but work isn’t your life but it is a part of life. Please remember that work isn’t everything, you need to have certain work-related ethics and protocols to have fun, that’s right, I said to have fun!

A stressed-out mind doesn’t work at the optimum level which decreases the productivity by more than half. In order to maintain that high productivity during the entire day, you need to think few things to help achieve that level of efficiency. Today, we will discuss few methods which helps entrepreneurs be productive while having fun at work.

Daily goal

Any organization, irrespective of the type of product or service they sell have their daily targets to achieve. However, we know how the system works. We provide our own numbers to achieve for the day with buffer as a precaution. Once you have achieved that number, you could certainly stop working for that day.

I’m not indirectly to telling you to close early, I’m just saying that goal for the day has been achieved with enough buffer. Double check your work and checklist for the daily tasks to be completed just to be on the safer side. The rest of the day, you could engage in talking beyond work with your colleagues/employees. This helps to know the current life situation of your employees.

Are you a regular out-going person? Then, go out and catch up with friends and family. Try to obtain a happy work-life balance, if you wish to hit the gym a bit longer for the day – do it!

Being busy – not a valid reason

Being busy doesn’t essentially mean that you are being productive. It shows that you are too focused on a single project in hand and not willing to focus on the big picture. Discussing new methods to improve the work culture, new project and similar things have to happen which helps you improve as an individual and as an entrepreneur.

Many avoid the concept of collaboration or networking since they have many misconceptions about it. This, in reality, helps in the growth of your business. Try to have a scheduled time every day with time to discuss only such things. This will help distress along with avoiding doing unnecessary things which are both waste of time and resources. This method helps improve your overall communication with the outside world to maintain a healthy relationship with productive collaborations and networking. This is another way to be productive while distressing.

Games – a stress reliever

Facing downtime and you are panicking. Downtime happens to those organizations with the latest technology and hardware, so you need to have to stress yourself out. Better to utilize this time to play a game like Dart Boards. It helps you refresh and improves your concentration and focus. You can refer to the websites like Bestazy.com to find best dart board as per your need. Many reports and statistics indicate that an office with sufficient games has increased productivity that the ones that aren’t. Gaming can be in your system since you may not know when the systems might be back online.

This certainly assists in distressing to help avoid thinking about the worrisome downtime and rather focus on the game. This helps improve your concentration and remove stress at the same time. This is a double advantage to help pass the time while making yourself mentally ready for the rest of the day. Once the systems are back online, you certainly will have a higher productivity than usual. If you are interested in going outside to play, that’s your choice but ensure that you are relaxed and calm when you are back to your seat.

Long meetings? Say no to that!

Longer meetings tend to have the negative impact on entrepreneurs and employees alike. Instead of an indoor cramped up meeting, why not take a walk around the campus while conducting the meeting? There have been many successful entrepreneurs who have taken the risk to alter their entire industry work culture and it has paid off.

A cramped up room with the same people talking and listening for hours sounds like a boring lecture at the school where we tend to doze off, here it is not an option. Better to walk into the office if outside isn’t an option to discuss various things of the meeting. It is always better to discuss things in a stress-free environment rather than the other one.

Short-term and long terms goals, last 3 months performance and next 3 months projectile – things like these put immense pressure on the speaker or even the entrepreneur. When you are walking and talking, it helps with a free flow movement of words along with exercise.

Forceful Vacations

This sounds like I just want to go away but it’s not. A vacation can be a huge detox and stress reliever. Some love to hike, some love water sports, some like to camp – do whatever that makes you feel happy and don’t forget to take your family, this is personal time spent with family along with away from work a couple of days or a week to refresh and recharge yourself, both physically and mentally.

Vacation sounds nice but doesn’t make it too flashy. Keep it simple and try not to injure yourself while being on vacation. We need you to distress, not come back with an injury. This also improves your perspective, you start to look at things differently. During the time of business, try to automate every part of the business. This will be a big load of your mind and forget who you are during the vacation period and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

Work can be fun and you are the only person who can make it fun for yourself. Decide how to take things as they come rather than be negative all the time. It is always better to talk about one thing at a time rather than multitasking. This helps improve your overall productivity by a big margin. I hope this will help you to achieve fun at work while being productive.