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How Mobile App Development is Helping Restaurant Startups?

Mobile apps for restaurants are fast becoming one of the most effective tools for restaurants and food delivery companies with limited budgets to reach out target audience.

How Mobile App Development is Helping Restaurant Startups?

Monday October 23, 2017,

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The food industry is now gaining momentum with the support of mobile technology. Several restaurants are joining the mobile bandwagon due to its potential to reach people. There is a extensive development of technology which aids the restaurants and food delivery businesses alike. Restaurant mobile app development is the new norm and many restaurant owners realize the importance of native apps for restaurants. 

Whether it is digital coupons, loyalty programs, discounts or rewards, consumers are looking for different ways to engage with restaurants on their mobile devices at fingertips.



While big brands such as Starbucks, Domino’s, Taco Bell, and more have successfully implemented mobile technologies, smaller restaurants are now adopting features like mobile payments and location-based services to take the leap ahead among competitors.

Increased Bookings

Mobile apps makes it very convenient and effortless to book a table with mobile app. This feature eliminates the waiting time for someone to answer your phone call or the receptionist at the hotel trying to pronounce your name correctly over and over again. For restaurant owners, the booking feature on mobile app eliminates the need to manage the wait list. The push notifications feature can help confirm online bookings, instead of someone to call each customer.

Loyalty Programs

Mobile app for restaurant can help business owners collect information about clients, collecting loyalty points and recording visits. There is no need to maintain a separate card that needs to be swiped, stamped, or punched during the time of visit. Loyalty program can help segment your marketing lists based on their preferences, eating habits or user demographics.

Enhanced branding

Key part of all marketing strategies is raising brand awareness. With your own mobile app, you can easily reach out to your customers at least once a day. They might not use your app every day, but with the app installed on your home screen, they see your app icon almost every time they use their phone.

Robust Processing of Payments

If your restaurant experiences high volume of users, the last thing you want is clutter-up your front desk with take-out customers waiting to pay. With in-app ordering process, restaurants can eliminate the risk of alienation of customers and the ability of customer to collect order in a matter of few seconds.


Restaurants apps make it very easy for customers to post reviews. With in-app reviews, it gets easier for new customers to find reviews of your restaurant.

Remember – the more useful your app, the longer people keep it on their phone, and the more exposure your restaurant gets. Reviews act as strategic brand touchpoints, giving you the opportunity to respond to negative reviews.

Improved Customer Engagement

There are several ways to push customer engagement. One of the key benefits is of restaurant mobile app development is improved customer engagement. Customer engagement is about developing long-term, loyal relationships. The knock-on effect of this is that these customers spend more. So right from booking a table, sharing nutritional information to availability of take-out orders, owners can make app more users friendly to eliminate friction.


Successful marketing depends on your ability to deliver the right message to the right audience in the right place, and at the right time. With push notifications and geolocation targeting, you can send highly focused notifications to users when they are geographically close to your restaurant. Several emerging technologies are changing the future of restaurant mobile app development. This makes restaurant apps one of the most effective ways to reach out to your audience.