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Logistical problem for employees in Corporates today! What the future could hold for them?

What the future has in hold for us, no one knows! This is a prediction of how the future might shape corporates and huge firms and how Co-sharing workspaces could benefit from this. 

Logistical problem for employees in Corporates today!  What the future could hold for them?

Monday February 13, 2017,

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Gone are the days where employees had to please the employers to get a job. Today, we as professionals have become smart and have started choosing the right job that is beneficial for us in the long run. An Employee today gets multiple offers and chooses what is most beneficial for him and his family.An employer today also needs to tell the employee as to why his company would be the right fit for him/her and gives an employee a list of advantages their company would have other others.

The biggest hurdle in the major cities like Banglore, Mumbai and New-Delhi is the traffic everyone faces. Each individual atleast spends 2 hours in traffic a day, in the peak hours. There are multiple logistical problems as to why a person cannot shift his house near the office; He/she might have just bought a house in a centrally located area in the city and might have his/her office in another location or He/she might be living in an area for a very long period and might not want to shift etc..


Corporates have also come to realize that Real Estate has become increasingly expensive and the commute for the employees to the office has become painful. Some Corporates have already started to feel the pinch and have started giving employees a work from home option. These corporates also give a small increase in salary if one opts for a work from option. From the employees perspective, this not only gives more money but also saves him more money on gasoline for his daily commute. He is also able to spend a couple of hours more with his family thereby enabling a good personal relationship with his family.

With the mushrooming of common work spaces around the city, in the future corporates will start utilizing these corporate work spaces to the fullest by the formation of teams locality wise. So each corporate will have various teams operating from various areas and could probably meet one or two days at the main office in the city.

Corporates will start building houses within the vicinity of the office and will start offering houses like ESOP which will be an amazing way to attract employees to join the company and buy their loyalty for many years to come. This will certainly attract an employee as every individual dreams of buying a house. Just like government bodies, Private companies will eventually start subsiding the rent for employees working in their companies.

The government could also eventually give subsidies to companies who build housing for their employees within the vicinity as it definitely curbs the pollution. If this eventually becomes a norm for corporates having over a said amount of employees, it could help nationwide with the pollution levels.

Only time will tell us what the future has in hold!