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A checklist for buying a used luxury motorhome

A well-maintained used luxury motor home is worth your every penny. However, there are a few things you have to check before you close the deal.

A checklist for buying a used luxury motorhome

Wednesday August 30, 2017,

4 min Read

So, ultra-luxe, class A motor homes have always made your heart leap with excitement, and now you have finally decided to purchase one from a neighborhood dealer. There is only one hiccup. The motorhome under consideration is second hand. You have doubts if the rig will be able to keep up with the rigorous RVing you have planned. Believe us; a well-maintained used luxury motorhome for sale is always worth your every penny. Before you close the deal, you have to look closely and check a few important aspects to make sure that the rig is in good health. The inspection will guarantee that you will have a good RV experience in future.

1. Available Life Span

The average used luxury motorhomes for sale normally have 50, 000 to70, 000 miles added in their book. A motorhome usually has a shelf life of 100, 000 miles. So, even if the motorhome you have in mind may have spent more than its half-life and still, with some mechanical improvements, it can be made fit for long road trips. It will be worthwhile to mention here that many luxury motorhomes are diesel pushers which have heavy-duty commercial gears and engine. Their life spans are much longer than the regular Class A RVs. So, if you have bought one of those mean machines, rest assured you have brought the super RV for yourself.

2. Available Living Spaces

Check if the unit has enough living spaces for your family members. However, with a used unit, you always have the choice of refurbishing it to meet your travel needs and priorities. Remember, the ‘king’ or ‘queen’ sized beds that you can see in a motor home, may not be similar to the king/queen sized beds that you have in your home. Luxury coaches usually have closets. If the unit under consideration does not have this feature, check if there is any extra space that you can use for that purpose. If you have kids, you may want to have a washer-dryer area and a tub in the washroom. If the rig does not have this feature, you may install these appliances. While negotiating the final price, keep this expenditure in mind.

Be wary of a rig if it has a smell. It must have rot or a problem in the sewer system. If you have doubts that something is wrong beneath the surface, inspect inside floors and walls thoroughly.

Also, crawl beneath the rig to check if there is any corrosion due to rust. Long hours of moving in challenging terrains more or less corrode the chassis of every rig. While buying a used RV, make sure that the unit has the minimal rust damage.

3. Performance on the Road

You should test drive in similar terrains where most of the time you will be driving. Make sure the mirrors are well-adjusted, the tail light is working, the fog light is properly functioning, and the machine doesn't seem to develop a snag in its system while driving for long hours on the road. Unlike buying a car, the test drive for a motorhome is going to take long hours. Be prepared for that.

4. Weight of the Rig

While you are out for a test drive, make a point to weigh the rig. Measure the weight at each wheel. You should compare the data with the load ratings for the coach. If the motorhome is empty while viewing, make a note of the compounded weight of the coach with added furnishings and accessories. Remember, an overloaded RV can be a maintenance nightmare for a long run.

You have waited for a long time to own a home on wheels. Now that you have found a used luxury motor home for sale that matches all your requirements,  you would naturally tend to go and grab it as quickly as possible. Well, that would be a terrible mistake on your part. Don’t make a hasty decision; examine the unit thoroughly before closing the deal. Remember our tips while doing that. You can also get it appraised by a motor mechanic to be doubly sure of the rig’s health.