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I Moved My Bread, Butter & Cheese!!!

Moving jobs...a few things to keep it simple!!!

Wednesday August 31, 2016,

3 min Read

Who doesn’t like the comforts of a 9 to 6 job? (I can tell you in 2 minutes how to get a job like that, wanna bet?)

Who would say no to getting a good amount of money into your bank account working for a multi-national corporate biggie, contacts, the good life, the office culture that promotes good travel perks and the butter and cheese with it?


But , when do you say, all this is nice, but does it really matter and most importantly, am I setting myself into the so called ‘comfort zone’ and going home half as happy that I pretend to be.

I had all of the above and more and was the envy to every colleague, friend, family that I came across…

Living in a city anywhere in the world with what I had – most people would say that’s ubercoool and amazing…

‘what more can this guy need , or ask for? A well reputed company, a well paying job, high flyer, gold if not platinum status with major airlines and hotels, doing well, works with the coolest people in the organisation, everybody loves him. Personally, he lives close to home at his work location, family with him, GOES HOME FOR LUNCH (wowwwwwwwwww), and has a good social life…all at hands-reach’

but then friends…even our Greek God – George Clooney went looking for something else in Up In The Air…didn’t he?

I had all of this and more…I never went to work tired, nor did I get bored of what I was doing…I had fun….

then…one day it happened.

I decided to move all of this (at least most of this) to the other end of the city. A unknown industry, not a great brand for a company logo sheet (atleast for now), worst traffic jams, blah blah blah…

So why did I move?

Better Pay, Better Profile, Better Challenge, THE industry segment to be IN (Big Data Analytics) and the coolness that comes with throwing everything going right and saying – you know what, I am going all out and all in to do this !!!

Like someone once said:

“if you win you will be happy. If you fail you will be wise”

So, here are the things I did. (if you think you want to move your cheese)

Move to an industry that you have no clue about (trust me, its an amazing feeling to walk into work and have no clue about what these guys talk or do – its a step in the right direction)

Move to a place you don’t know very well (same city or otherwise doesn’t really matter)

Move for a better pay for sure (to take care of the risk)

Move your home closer to work (so you do not get bugged with traffic and other infra problems)

Try and convince your family to move with or closer to you as well (not always possible, but would be a great one to have)

Meet your friends once every fortnight (at least)

Tough, but make new friends or acquaintances (club memberships or gated community living helps), keeps the zing in your life going

Pick a nice house and make it your home (dont compromise here, cause you dont want to be sad when you walk in back from work)

Live well, Eat Well, Sleep Well

Take all what you have learnt and share it with people in the new place and take all they have to teach you.

You follow the above,…you dont need anything more. trust me.