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Key to Manage Website metrics

One that is measured is easier managed

Key to Manage Website metrics

Thursday November 24, 2016,

3 min Read

For every business from a garage level startup to a multi-billion dollar enterprise Reputation and more so Online Reputation matters. The reason is simple. It is ALWAYS Online.

In a connected world, where opportunities emerge from nook and corner of the world most business decisions are made even before we meet the sales person or the business owner face to face. Cloud solutions are making face to face meetings more and more obsolete. Decisions are purely made on how a company or a product or a service is perceived by the world in the digital space. Which boils down to the score of reputation one commands.

If Google's website is down most times we access it, or if it loads at a much slower speed, will we be signing up for Gmail or any other Google services? The same goes for Amazon, Microsoft and YOU.

3 Things to improve the reputation of your website identity.

Availability: Ensure your website is up and running always. When you sleep, someone in a distant corner could be checking your website. Be proactive in knowing the real metrics of your website's up-time and availability. Your login page or payment page could have been down when "that one" person was checking.

Speed: Because everyone loves a fast website means you hate a slower website. Same applies to your client. Monitor the speed of your website from every region. Know which elements in your design slows the speed and fix them with help from your IT vendor(s)

Safelist: Being blacklisted is insulting.When your IP/Network or Domain is blacklisted you are also insulting your prospective client. Moreover, a blacklisted IP could delay or failure of critical email deliveries bringing down your reputation.

How to manage website reputation Monitor- ADD; ALERT; ACT


Add: Identify services or tools that can monitor the metrics of your website. If you are not that tech savvy or have already outsourced your website hosting and maintenance ask your vendor to monitor the metrics. Keep asking for the weekly or monthly report from your team/vendor

Alert: Most tools come with customized alerting tools. Get alerted when your site goes down or when it gets blacklisted. Some of the best service providers give you an option to integrate the alerts into your company messaging platform with the ability to customize and route each protocol.

Act: The reports gives you insights on what element brings your score down. Act on those aspects,get them fixed and start boosting your website performance scorecard.

Start Measuring Your Metrics from today

Register with Monitorlive and start managing your Online Reputation.

(Disclaimer: Monitoring your metrics alone does not guarantee you consistent business. Website/Online Reputation management must be backed up with consistent and agile strategies of overall departments of the business.Original publish can be found in the Monitorlive website