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Glenn Sandler on the 7 habits of successful entrepreneurs

Glenn Sandler, Founder of G.I. Tax offers seven tips for becoming a successful entrepreneur. 

Glenn Sandler on the 7 habits of successful entrepreneurs

Tuesday July 17, 2018,

4 min Read

If you browse bios on popular social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, you will likely find millions of people who claim to be entrepreneurs. Although it's not illegal for any person to make this claim, there is a difference between being an entrepreneur and thriving as an entrepreneur.


Thriving as a successful entrepreneur is much more than driving fancy cars and going on exotic vacations. It's a mindset that requires a person to have the tenacity to work towards a vision and achieve goals.

Do you think you have what it takes to experience success as an entrepreneur? Take a look at these seven habits of successful entrepreneurs to see how you measure up.

1. They know how to recover from setbacks

As an entrepreneur, it's just a matter of time before you will experience a setback or two. Instead of recoiling when complications occur, you should learn to anticipate them.

Do you ever wonder why only 1% of the people in America are financially successful? The probable reason is the other 99% aren't resilient enough to recover from setbacks and failures.

Successful entrepreneurs view failure differently than average people. They know setbacks provide them with the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and make wiser choices in the future.

2. They pursue their goals even in the face of adversity

Building a business can be scary. That is especially true if you are unaccustomed to overcoming obstacles. When most people face adversity, they abandon their goals in favor of a more comfortable position.

Successful entrepreneurs are committed to meeting their goals. If they have to exert additional energy until they get to their desired destinations, they are willing to pay the price for success.

3. They make fitness a priority

Health is wealth. It's challenging to lead a successful life if you have been neglecting your body and its dietary needs.

One way successful entrepreneurs maintain their fitness is by drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated. Although it would be easy for them to use their hectic schedules as an excuse to consume large amounts of caffeinated beverages, they know their bodies can't function efficiently on sodas and coffee.

Successful entrepreneurs make it a priority to engage in some form of cardio activity each day. Whether they run or walk a few miles, they know the benefits of maintaining a fitness routine. Not only does exercise and proper hydration keep the body in top condition, but it also keeps the brain working at peak performance.

4. They are prepared and organized

Preparation is the key to success in any area. When you take time to prepare for your daily tasks, you are confident and efficient.

As a successful entrepreneur, you should know your priorities and tasks before the beginning of each day. That includes creating professional and personal schedules for daily exercise, meetings, and travel.

5. They build relationships with other successful people

Success cannot exist in a vacuum. Most successful entrepreneurs give credit for their success to the relationships they have built along the way.

When you interact with other successful people in various industries, you see the world through a different lens. These relationships cause you to grow in ways that aren't possible for you to do on your own.

6. They embrace uncertainty and change

Building a business from scratch is not for the faint of heart. There is no guarantee that your business venture will be successful.

Successful entrepreneurs know that each day brings unforeseen challenges. They must be open to embracing these challenges, or they won't survive.

7. They ignore negative chatter from 'well-meaning' friends and family members

The life of an entrepreneur can be tough. Most people won't understand why any person would give up the certainty of a well-paying job to start a business.

Successful entrepreneurs listen to the advice of their peers and colleagues. They ignore the negative chatter from naysayers including family members and friends.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must trust your instincts and cultivate successful habits.