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How to strengthen your personal brand using YouTube marketing

 In today’s times, if you want to leverage your personal traits and professional skills to the highest degree, you must leverage the power of branding.

Monday August 28, 2017,

5 min Read

YouTube’s getting a mind-blowing number of views each day. We’re talking about over 5 billion views. People keep uploading videos at an unprecedented rate of 300 hours of videos each hour of each day. You can only imagine how important this platform is, and how much value can be withdrawn from it.

If you’re here, reading this sentence, you’re probably looking for some helpful strategies on how to leverage YouTube for your personal brand’s benefit. In today’s times, if you want to leverage your personal traits and professional skills to the highest degree, you must leverage the power of branding.

Today it’s easier than ever – you have all the information, all the necessary tools at your disposal, and you’re just one decision away from building your own legacy. But I digress… in today’s post, we’re giving you some powerful tips and tricks that’ll help you take advantage of YouTube’s potential to gradually strengthen the performance of your personal brand.

1. Define Your Personal Brand Right from the Start

First off, you need to decide what’s the main reason for the existence of your personal brand. Why are you starting a YouTube page in the first place? Who are you exactly and what are you trying to achieve?

For example, you could be a freelance graphic designer, a freelance writer, a broker, a lawyer, a philosopher…and the list could go on and on. Depending on what you do, make sure that your YouTube page shows exactly what your services are. You never want to confuse your visitors, so come up with a very concise value proposition.

2. Tidy Up Your YouTube Page

Before creating any videos, you should pay attention to your YouTube page. Considering that you’re starting a personal brand, you should treat your social networks page in the most professional manner.

You need a great looking logo, a brand mission which is stated somewhere on your channel, a unique value proposition, and an overall good-looking page. Moreover, you should also take into consideration the On-Page SEO optimization for YouTube – it’s truly worth it.

3. Create and Stick to an Overall Strategy

Every brand whether it’s personal or not should follow a well-established strategy. I’m talking about the roadmap towards the riches. You can’t look for the treasure randomly – you need to stick to a map and go through every challenge until you find it.

The same goes to YouTube branding, so here’s what you should do:

1. Decide what videos you’ll create

2. Figure out what will make your videos remarkable

3. Develop a bigger sales funnel -> lead people towards your website -> have them sign up to your email list -> deliver value -> ask for something in return

4. Decide which other social media channels you’ll focus on simultaneously

4. Develop Remarkable Videos

Remarkable is a great word here, as remarkable videos get shared around a lot. They say that a picture represents a thousand words, so how about a video?

In order to stand out from the crowd, pay very close attention to your competition. Study their videos, their value proposition, and their audience. Then, go on and study more of your competition up until you’re absolutely sure that you can craft better content.

Content is king. This statement is also extremely true when we consider YouTube marketing and personal branding. The content that you create and deliver is basically differentiating you from other personal brands. Want more clients? Be better!

5. Share Your Work Everywhere Around

Videos are just one type of content. There is the text, the slides, the podcasts, the VR experiences, and much more.

So if your purpose is to develop your personal brand to its maximum potential, focusing entirely on video marketing is not the proper way to take. Leverage your knowledge and expertise in order to repurpose your content and bring it in front of different audiences.

Obviously, writing an article that gets indexed and ranked in Google is going to bring you a different type of traffic, but it’s still traffic.

Tony Montana, CEO at Bestessays, suggests:

“Repurposing your content is one of the most cost and time effective ways of broadening the reach of your personal brand. Using more channels will obviously result in more traffic. Ultimately, more traffic will get you more opportunities for the future.”

6. Stay Consistent

I’ve left this advice for the end not because it’s not significant, but because of quite the opposite. This is the most important aspect that will make the difference between a mediocre YouTube personal brand and a successful one.

Consistency is key to everything, even to personal branding. If you want new habits, you must be consistent in order for them to stick. Want to start a business? Well, without consistency, you will accomplish nothing in the long run.

Want to improve your personal brand? Be consistent with your videos, engage with clients, do a lot of networking, and keep sharing your YouTube channel everywhere possible. Keep up the work and there’s absolutely no chance that your brand won’t be remarked in time. I emphasize ‘in time’ because you should really strive to cultivate another trait, and that is patience.


YouTube is a very powerful weapon that any brand can use to grow in reach, value, and reputation. To tell you the truth, YouTube marketing for personal brands is not even that complicated. Once you get the hang of it and get the first results, the optimizing and scaling process shouldn’t give you much trouble along the way.