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Noida based Startup "Redian Software": changing the way of working

The freedom of the developers to create something new yields extraordinary results fetching more clients and increasing the impact of their hard work in the Open Source world. 

Sunday June 12, 2016,

4 min Read

The one stop Noida start-up that blends software passion and global recognition is open for ardent developers, who even dream in languages of mobile and web development, e-commerce and customer relationship management solutions. The place where innovation pushes the boundaries of customary strategies and provides clients with fresh, invigorating solutions is grabbing eyeballs of software lovers by making it a perfect place to work at.

The meticulously formed open source development company strives relentlessly to provide unparallel solutions in custom web development, database intensive solutions and customer relationship management. The freedom of the developers to create something new yields extraordinary results fetching more clients and increasing the impact of their hard work in the <h2>"open source development"</h2> world. The start-up currently comprising kick-ass software developers take the liberty of exploring the new arena of web development and management and transform dull productions into personalized high-class business. The age-old, time consuming, boring market strategies are replaced with unprecedented, success-guaranteed plans which not only increase customer satisfaction but also empower employees to enhance their skills by indulging in new methods and techniques.

Piyush, assistant developer In Redian said 'When I first joined the startup, I had expected rigorous work pressure and an end to my social life. Little did I know that the flexible work hours will be this fun. Redian brought out the best out of me and no matter where I go in future it'll always remain close to my heart.'

The commitment of Redian Software to provide quality centric consultancy and development strategies show the confidence of this newly formed start-up and makes it stand out in the crowd. The vision of rendering the best services and boosting up an overall growth of client’s business indulges employees to exploit own potentials to come up with distinctive, dynamic solutions transcending their own expectations. Ambition and excellence being the prime pillars of motivation here makes it easier to achieve the strategic goals by a steady increase of the annual turnover. The very rare example of supervisors forming the support system of employees is witnessed in this inhibition-free, friendly working place. The personal interactions and well-knit bond among all the staff aid the formation of a united workforce eliminating chances of resentment among the workers. The daily captivating problems related to mobile apps or e-commerce solutions are enough to turn even a lazy person into a workaholic one. The conversion of client’s requirements into alluring solutions not only maintains the thrill but also acts as a driving force to aspire for the best. The productive ways of working along with the incorporation of planning and decision-making prioritize each and every employee providing them with the sense of power and control thereby expanding workplace flexibility. The positive feedback from the clients acts as an encouraging equipment whereas the unsatisfactory ones yield more brainstorming resulting in unprecedented ingenious strategies. The share in company’s success in the form of profit sharing, stock options and bonuses tied to performance spurs materialistic motivation among the employees escalating their working will.

Another senior employee Aabid said, ' I was hesitant about asking for sick leaves due to not-so-good prior experiences at other companies when my boss came up to me and gave me a two days holiday to recover from high fever. I was quite startled by his observation power. When you get this sort of consideration the will to work increases manifolds.'

Redian is among the very growing companies that not only focus on the proliferation of its profits and expansion of its reputation but also on the well-being of its employees by assisting them in every possible way. The joint collaboration and lack of discrimination among the employers and employees amplifies the radiance of Redian and provides solace to the hard working, zealous minds.