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Facebook vs. LinkedIn: Which is better for B2B Marketing

Facebook vs. LinkedIn: Which is better for B2B Marketing

Wednesday September 05, 2018,

5 min Read

Marketing is a most important factor to build any brand’s reputation or awareness in front of the needy customers and it is not much as easy as sound. It is more crucial, when we are using social media for marketing. You could use different types of marketing strategy for enhance the brand’s awareness.

But, today we are talking about B2B Marketing through Facebook and LinkedIn. And, also evaluate which is the best for doing B2B marketing and for your business?

Personal vs. Professional

Personal and Professional things both are different, you cannot merge your personal life with professional. On one side, Facebook is mostly use for personal activity or having fun, you can post, share or like as you know that and sometimes you can also use for professional purpose to generate lead. And, other side, LinkedIn is only and only for your professional life and most of the professionals use this or it is a serious business too, you cannot link your personal activity with it.

That doesn’t mean LinkedIn has better user interface. Many companies focus to targeting audience on Facebook. They are running many campaigns on Facebook. However, Facebook and LinkedIn, both are Social Media giants.


According to the report, Facebook has cross 2 billion of active users and it is expected to increase more than 3 billion users and LinkedIn has almost 470 million users. Yes! Facebook wins the number game. It holds more quantity of users or customer database but it is also difficult to target the productive crowd for B2B while LinkedIn has less quantity of users but you could target the right audience for B2B. Mostly people think that Facebook is better than LinkedIn for b2b, for b2c also or for generate leads and I think they are right. I know, I choose Quantity over Quality.

But, you tell me, how many Facebook users use LinkedIn? A few and how many LinkedIn users use Facebook? All of them. You just have to find those LinkedIn users on Facebook for getting the accurate results.


To target the audience, it is most important to make a strategy first then hit. Any marketing strategy only works if you know who is your targeting audience? How to reach them with cost effective? If you’re targeting audience is on Facebook then you only just have to find genuine profiles for your business firstly because there are lots of the fake accounts on Facebook for misconduct and Facebook admit 270 million fake or clone accounts exist.

While, LinkedIn has more genuine accounts of working professionals, some may be CEO or Marketing Analyst or real b2b companies for ready to do business.



Facebook has more active users than LinkedIn. People spent more time on Facebook to post or chat and it is the number one social media platform. It holds the largest market share. There are 201 million of United States population uses Facebook most by any other country and after that India is the second highest rate of population uses Facebook with 157 million of users.

So, target the audience on Facebook easy rather than LinkedIn and it is cheaper. According to a survey:-

  • At the age of 18-26, more than 80% of internet users use Facebook vs. LinkedIn only has more than 22%
  • At the age of 27-45, 75% of internet users use Facebook while LinkedIn has 30%
  • At the age of 46-60, 60% of internet users use Facebook and LinkedIn has 26%


Running paid ad campaigns is more beneficial rather than to pick one by one profile and offer. Facebook has a wide range and much experienced of running ad campaigns. And, it is more beneficial for ecommerce business, if you have any ecommerce business for selling any goods or products then Facebook Ad campaign is for you because it a cheaper one and target the more audience or generate more traffic on your ecommerce site just one click. It has more option like- Video Ads or Carousel Ads or Slideshow. But, LinkedIn has just simple ads or basic displays.

If you want to some simple ads to your business then LinkedIn is the best option to you but if you want to something more optic than Facebook is right choice for you.


In the End, Facebook or LinkedIn, which is best for your business? It totally depends on you and your business.

Both are best platform to hit the productive audience. If you are focusing on quantity then you are the Facebook one and if your target on quality then LinkedIn is the best choice. Yes! Facebook has the good and advanced marketing strategy but LinkedIn has the genuine user database.

Social Media is a great tool of marketing for enhance the awareness of your brand. Whatever social channel you use for marketing, you just have to make sure that you have to choose wisely according to your business and according to your target audience.