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7 ways to keep your coworkers happy and content

7 ways to keep your coworkers happy and content

Saturday August 01, 2020,

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Over the past decade, coworking spaces have helped a lot of people to successfully secure their career in a wide variety of fields with the help of a pure coworking concept  of work, connect and collaborate. 

With many big corporates considering to go with coworking spaces and plus a steady rise of niche competitors in the market, there arises a need to maintain the right balance between quality, productivity and amusing activities in your coworking community that will keep your coworkers happy and content. 

Also, you don't want your clients to join your competitor's workspace merely because they got jaded of your coworking ambience. 

So the questions arise, what does it take to keep the coworkers happy and content. 

We will be discussing all the key ways that can help to retain your clients. So without wasting much time let's get started.

1) Networking events

It's always good to have an interactive and enthusiastic audience in your coworking space than to have a floor full of quiet and hyper work-oriented people. Networking events are a great way to connect new people and form friendly bonds in an ambitious and busy environment. Hosting such events will allow people to open their minds and come to fruitful discussions that will facilitate coworking and will help to build a super friendly work atmosphere. 

2) Host workshops

Hosting featured seminars such as leadership programmes, tech events and educative workshops are a great way to increase your trust score with your clients. Your clients will feel that they are appreciated and an important part of the coworking community. The very feeling of being valued will lead them to stay committed to your coworking space for a long time, and plus they might even recommend your space tp their friend circle.

3) Social events

Providing your clients with a professional yet a home-like experience will get the ball rolling and is a great way to engage and attract a lot of new people. Ask your coworkers what they would like to do on weekends, keep a voting poll, see what responses and opinions you get from different people. Then host social events based on the conclusion from the feedback. Some examples may be games, dance choreographies, cultural events, dinner parties, live sports screenings and many more interesting social events.

4) Guest speakers

You can likewise invite industry experts for seminars or discussions to talk to your coworkers that will provide your patrons with a new way to brainstorming ideas and a much-needed punch of motivation.Keeping Q&A session will help coworkers to become more comfortable and friendly with the work atmosphere.

5) Introduce your new members

Sometimes it’s difficult for new members to cope up with the new office atmosphere, especially if they are not aware of the coworking culture. So introducing new members to your coworking family is a good way to familiarise them with the atmosphere and end the awkward situations, that would help to build a sense of community and promote coworking space. 

6) Provide complimentary tea/coffee/snacks

Having a strong cup of tea/coffee in the mornings at the office is the best way to start a day for many people. Also having tea/coffee break during the day freshens up the mood of coworkers, and if you can provide these amenities with an extra punch of free snacks in your coworking space then people will love it. No wonder this quote is true in every sense..

" A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all ".

7) Play/Entertainment area

Last but not least, you can have a space for play area or entertainment zone where coworkers can unwind themselves watching TV or playing some indoor games like chess/ table tennis/ fuzzy ball/ video games etc, this also gives them team building and de-stressing opportunities to enjoy their coworking lifestyle. 

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