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Facilitating the Buying Journey with Messenger Chatbot

Facilitating the Buying Journey with Messenger Chatbot

Friday December 28, 2018,

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The technology story says the data are collected with intelligence. The most important point to pick is that the collected are utilized in an accurate or beneficial way. From the market analytics – being able to understand what your customers want before they ask for it – is almost covered with the latest technological advancement.  

There is a list of technologies that have got attention in concern of making a great customer experience. But chatbot has magically turned everything easy and sorted for the customer service responsibility. It acts as a virtual assistant that respond like a human, typically through the conversational messaging format. A time when software is driving unprecedented levels of automation, companies are using chatbots to help customers order anything from anywhere, everything automated.

A well-developed chatbot is integrated on the base of deep understanding of a company’s customers taste. Which means chatbot adoption must have a clear customer experience mandates, goals and key performance indicators that enable it to add demonstrable and measurable value for the user and the brands. Whether purchases got convenient method, cleared every queued customer experience and building high engagement.

When designing a buying decision at the last section of the funnel, correct information can make it a long way to go. Chatbots have endless potentials in terms of collecting information and sharing knowledge like product knowledge, instant responses and multiple handling.

Steps to follow to include chatbot for business:

-   Crafting the Conversation Module

-   Build the Responses

-   Learning the Newness

-   Expanding the Support

-   Advancing Buying Process

Tracks Buyers Psychology

Chatbots collects & retains the information and distribute it among the internal departments like Sales & Marketing. Such information is definitely powerful for building customers database. Chatbots can be called advanced cookie that can track every buyer or customer site-behavior and extract the required information for re-targeting in future.

The best thing about this sort of data is that you don’t even have to ask your customer directly, but phrase questions in such a conversational way.

Customization is trendy as in the latest form of marketing every company tries to go more-customized they can for the customers, to stand best among the list. ‘Technology Adoption’ is the term that has a genuine impact on businesses as it makes the funnel more systematic and goal are mostly like to be achieved as decided.   

When it comes to customization, Artificial Intelligence (AI) assist business to serve more recommendations (such as product recommendations), but also may even personalize around what type of source one likes to be contacted, what time of day one responds. Such an area where AI shines is in customizing required content and communication.

The AI might flag potential customers so that marketers can reach them with some incentive to retain a customer. The second way in which firms use AI is to manage the lifecycle as a whole, that is, sending the customer the exact right message at the right point in the life cycle. This, in turn, depends on an AI to predict what stage of the life cycle the customer currently is. Chatbots can market a brand based on the purchase decision from buyers and general query customers like to ask frequently.

Chatbots can definitely refine customers experience, building a clean path where the customer can access products or services in customized form and on the go. Merging AI impacts more on concluding the best result at the last stage of the funnel i.e. the goal.