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3 Points to keep in mind while start a blog

Sunday October 29, 2017,

2 min Read

Hello friends here i want to tell you some secrets of blogging, If you new and wants to start a blog then must keep in your mind these three points. 

1. Choose a Domain name:

yes friends before starting your blog you need to a domain, you can buy a domain with whois.com. Whois.com is the best platform to buy domains, hosting and much more. After choosing a good domain name now set a good looking theme on your blog before posting. When you do all this well now your blog is ready for publishing. And the second main thing is start posting.

2. Start posting:

Yes friends after set your blogs theme etc now write the first post on your blog. It need some quality contents , Copy content is not acceptable google does not boost your traffic if you have copy content. So don,t copy if you want to get some organic traffic from google other wise google consider your content spam. After publishing a quality post now create some quality doffollow backlinks for your blog. Because without backlinks you never get more traffic, Backlinks is the main key of success.

3. Create Backlinks:

After publishing a quality post now just create some natural backlinks for your blog, Natural backlinks is the only key of success, With out backlinks you cannot achieve your desired target. So after creating a blog few days later start to create doffollow backlinks to boost your traffic and earn some special income and enjoy. 

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