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Famous Photographers Share Amazing Photography Tips

Thomas N Salzano - Amazing Photography Tips

Famous Photographers Share Amazing Photography Tips

Saturday December 14, 2019,

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"Photography is a creative way to communicate and narrate the stories that words and expressions can't" say Thomas N Salzano a motivational speaker and a famous blogger. This career option has given direction to so many creative minds and souls that craved to do something out of the box but it was the fear of failure and struggle that stopped them to do so.

For a fact the first photography clicked in a camera was taken in 1826 by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in France. Since then photography is considered as a talent, skill, profession or hobby. Whereas since then there were so many photographers who displayed their creativity through the photographs they clicked and the most inspiring ones joined the list of famous photographers of their time.

Famous Photographer

Now the love for photography has spread among every generation of our society. Thomas says there are more than 100 photographers in each city and the count keeps increasing every year. People do consider it a profession but the majority love it as a hobby and the best part of photography in this digital world where everyone wants to click a good picture.

There is a visible urge that can be seen among the youth of today to learn photography but not everyone chooses a photography course for the lessons. Some are just like you who prefer self-learning.

So here is a list created by Thomas of some famous photographers that are an inspiration for all the aspiring buddle:

Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz is a portrait photographer. She worked for the entertainment magazine Vanity Fair in 1983.

She is best known for her iconic photographic portraits of celebrities. Her style is characterized by accurate stage settings, superb lighting, and use of vivid colors. 

Photography tips by Annie Leibovitz you all should follow:

  • Make Your subjects feel comfortable
  • Natural Light is a blessing. Use some ambient light and add a small key light on your subject and keep the direction towards the natural light source is coming from.
  • Prefer working at the beginning of the day so that you can enjoy the perks of soft light and the option to work longer if needed.
  • Examine old work and learn from your mistakes.

Steve Mccurry

Steve McCurry is best known for his evocative color photography that documents both human struggles and joy. Steve is an internationally known documentary photographer with a specialty in Southeast Asia and India. He has photographed warzones, burning oil fields, camps, ship breaking yards and monsoons all over the world.

Photography tips by Steve McCurry that will help you learn better:

  • Use natural frames like doors and windows as they are unique and real
  • Find a contrast between the subject and background
  • Get close to your subjects to make the photograph more expressive
  • Place the dominant eye in the center of the photo. This gives the impression that the eye follows you.
  • Be concerned about the symmetry as it is pleasing to the eye.

Greg Gorman

Greg Gorman is known for his portrait photographer and this famous artist is notorious for photographing almost every Hollywood celebrity. His work has been seen in national magazine features and covers including GQ, Vogue, Time, Rolling Stone, The London Sunday Times, etc.  

Photography tips by Greg Gorman:

  • Use a single point of light for the portrait
  • Start with a close-up and analyze what your subject’s face offers, keep it in mind and highlight the best features
  • Create a signature with your images and develop your own unique style that represents you

Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams has a great influence on Paul Strand on his photography career. He is known for his black and white photographs. He died in 1984 when color photos were not trending.

Photography Lessons from Ansel Adams:

  • Ansel Adams went to great lengths to capture his photographs which means climbing mountains, trekking for hours at a time to capture the best
  • Pre-visualize your photos
  • Make photos look like photos and not like paintings

Yousuf Karsh

Yousuf Karsh is an Armenian Canadian photographer known for his portraits of famous men and women of Hollywood, politics, and arts such as Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, and Grace Kelly.

In his 67 years of career as a photographer, he has photographed some of the most notable thinkers, artists, entertainers, and leaders of the 20th century.

His photography lessons include:

  • Learning about your subject makes for better photos
  • Being open to inspiration will help you find your style
  • Light is not just illumination. Sometimes a window light can be perfect or maybe at times you need a complex setup

The list of famous photographers is never-ending, maybe you are one of them but one thing that is common for each photographer is that creativity is a must. “Your work needs to speak for you and your photography style should define your audience” is a lesson shared by Thomas N Salzano, an aspiring photographer from his blog on photography.

Diane Arbus, Gregory Colbert, Tim Walker, Sally Mann, William Eggleston, Atul Kasberkar, etc are some famous names in the photography field. Their work is unique and is loved by all which makes them count on the list of inspiring photographers.