FB Lead generation is So Easy ?

I have been working since 2013 and see many people who don't know how they generate a business lead for their business .....here we talk about facebook Lead generation technique which is very efficeinet for all business in low segment area .

28th Jan 2019
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Important Points which you follow during Facebook campaign .

Point 1 - Make Business page

Point 2 - Put All Business Information

Point 3 - Create Facebook advertise Account With payment method

Point 4 - Create Ads

Point 5 - Set Customer Targeting

Point 4 - Lead Form

Point 5 - Ads Published

Here i am going to explain from scratch how to develop your Facebook ads ...

Business page :

Create Page Options how you find on facebook

Put All Business Information:

While Creating business page mention your brand name which you want to promote on social media and create public URL to find easy on Google using #tags .

Take example if i am planing to open any online Business and name suggested is Darjihub.com then i have to make our page name darjihub & Public URL #darjihub to find easy on google .

See Sample here of Business page ...

page sample

Business information

Create Facebook advertise Account With payment method

Create ads Options

After clicking a new window open in which you have to put all information with payment method and there are many option .

Lead Generation

After clicking Lead Generation :

Lead Generation name

After continue Ad Set Open with many ..

  • Ad set
  • Select page
  • Dynamic creative
  • Audience
  • Placements
  • Budget & schedule

After this will let you know in next blog ...Hope you all happy with this article and i hope you may comment and share if you want more on it ....

Will in-touch you every week with new method or new article about Lead and promotion technique it might help you startup to grow .

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