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How to find a free guest post opportunity with custom Google searches

Learn how to use simple tricks to find people who want to link to you for Free. Learn how you can create your own custom search engine and use it to your advantage. 

How to find a free guest post opportunity  with custom Google searches

Tuesday September 19, 2017,

5 min Read


One of the weapons in the arsenal of a digital marketer is ' Guest Posting'. There is the simple logic of value exchange. It means you they will give you a value and in exchange, you have to provide a value. Their value can be a blog written by themselves, their website and their social media channel or anything else, your value can be money, your social media profile or anything else. 

There are many ways to find the site which is doing guest posts maybe it is social media, maybe a private contact, maybe something else. Here I am sharing a small trick to find the site who mention another site as source assuming that most of them will be ready to link because they don't have content and you will be providing them a value if you give them unique content plus you will be sharing it to your social channel which has some presence and will give them exposer. In exchange for your link on their website.

Before starting this we need to understand few things

Why Guest Posting?

1. For Do Follow Link on the keyword, you want to rank - Every site has some authority and it can be passed via do follow links. If a site linked to you it is telling Google and other search engines that they are connected to that site and they are giving a part of their authority which we call link juice to your site 

2. If No Follow then Mention - If the site is giving you no follow link it means it doesn't want to share their authority with you, in this case, you can create backlink in your brand name. What it will do is to give you mention which means the bots will understand that another site is mentioning your name and you are getting popular and it also helps you to increase 

3. Branding and Traffic - This is one of the reasons for having a guest blog in another very popular website

How to find which website is giving do follow and no follow link?

There are various tools available online for this but my favorite is Linkparser. I am assuming you are using Google Chrome for your work. 

Step 1 - Download and Install Linkparser 

Step 2 - Do define colors for different types of link, just right click on it and do as shown in below GIF

How to Setup Linkparser to check Do follow or No Follow Link

How to Setup Linkparser to check Do follow or No Follow Link

Here I have chosen orange as external Do follow and Parrot green for external No follow links, let's test it on Yourstory itself, just load the page you want to check and left click on Linkparser icon and then to the pan

Left click on the icon and again left click on the pan

Left click on the icon and again left click on the pan

Once you do that, it will highlight all the links with the color we defined earlier


Steps of Guest Posting?

There are basically 3 steps 

1. Find the site or site owner.

2. Contact them and bribe them or make an understanding of exchanging values

3. Put your content on their website and complete your end of exchanging the value part

What is the bribe?

Bribing is nothing but exchanging value. The question is what value you can give them so they get benefits of linking to you. It can be money, it can be shoutout or it can be posting their link to your social media channel.

Let's take an example of conversation I had with Canva

How Canva team approaches people

How Canva team approaches people

Now the bribe part, they know backlink is precious so they are offering a shoutout in their social profile which is verified



so I agree with the commitment and they have done their part of the commitment too and I got the mention by them

Got a shoutout from Canva

Got a shoutout from Canva

Let's Start doing this

Tools We are going to use

1. Common sense

2. Google

3. Google Custom Search

Site We Are Going To Experiment With? - you can take your own competitor

In this small trick, we are going to use the most commonly used phrase for sites who use the content of target site and put its reference in the bottom. Most of the times, if you are finding a site using this, will link you to free

The most common phrase is - originally published on

Now let's bring our Ninja out and do some experiment

Let's search this term - "originally published on" ""

We used "originally published on" in quotes because we want the exact phrase to come in the search result and quote restrict jumble of keywords to show you result and then we used because we want the result of so this term fix the context.

We got these results 

We Failed to get forbes mentions

We Failed to get forbes mentions

So our attempt is a failed attempt because we wanted to learn about site which is linking in their website but result is completely opposite, we get links from Forbes itself ( but sometimes you don't need to go to the below steps because you will get the results)

Lets again put on your thinking cap and explorer it further

Now we are going to make our own custom search engine because we all are Ninja and we can do it

While login to Google account go to - - add site

Add your custom search engine

Add your custom search engine

Create your own search engine

Google Custom Search Engine setting

Google Custom Search Engine setting

Now go to Control Panel


Now scroll down to Sites to search and choose Search the entire web but emphasize included sites 

Choose entire web

Choose entire web

If you can see in above screenshot there is an Advanced button - click on it

Click on Add below Sites to exclude

Put ( remember I used non www version here so that all the www and subdomain can be included into results to be on safer side) and save

Exclude results from Forbes

Exclude results from Forbes

Now lets try our old query again - "originally published on" “”

You can see a custom search panel on your right, put this query there and enter

Custom Search Forbes

Custom Search Forbes

Now see the result


Lets bring our old friend Linkparser and see what kind of backlink Forbes is getting