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25+ ways to make money online from anywhere!

25+ ways to make money online from anywhere!

Wednesday February 21, 2018,

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It's on, I present to you the most comprehensive list of ways to make money online... ever. From freelancing to flipping. This list has it all. If you've ever wanted to quit your 9-5 desk job and start living the ”Laptop Lifestyle” with an online business. Here is your Guide


I put freelance work first because it's something you can start today with zero up-front investment. And if you take the time to move beyond writing – and master a specialized, in-demand skill – you can easily earn 5-figures per month. That's the good news.

The bad news is that the freelance world is fiercely competitive. To give you an idea of just how competitive it is, there are over 303,748 contractors in the writing category on one freelance site alone (Upwork)!


Here are Just a few of the Most in-demand freelance positions:


Include writing blog posts, articles, ebooks, print books, brochures, newsletters, booklets, white papers, special reports, package information, advertising copy and press releases.

Graphic Design

Include web design, print design, packaging infographic, logos, vectors, corporate identity, videography and business design


Include Wordpress, HTML, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Mobile apps, WP Plugins, WP themes. (yes - Wordpress is dominating the web right now), e-commerce, Joomla, MySQL.

Customer Service

Data entry, Virtual Assistance, Customer service, web research, telephone customer service, accounting and transcription.

Internet Marketing

Include SEO, PPC account management, social media [especially YouTube and Pinterest], sales copywriting, website conversion optimization, email marketing, powerpoint presentations, public relations, blogger outreach and guest posting services.


Hot languages at the moment include Chinese, Spanish, Brazilian, Portuguese and Japanese. However, no matter what “other” language you speak, you can usually find work if you're talented and experienced.

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Up-work is the result of oDesk and Elance merger. 12 million registered freelancers, 5 million registered clients and 3 million jobs posted annually. Up-work is amongst the largest freelance site across all over the web.


People Per Hour (PPH) is focused on bringing together freelancers and hirers working on digital projects. Here you can post a list of “Hourlies”: pre-defined tasks that you're willing to do for a set price.


Strictly for writers. Good: a steady stream of work. Bad: Low pay


Toptal is an exclusive freelance network for software developers, designers and finance experts. Their rigorous screening process accepts fewer than 3% of applicants to maintain the exclusivity of the network.


Freelancer.com is similar Upwork with a focus on programming and design. Has 23.5 million registered users and 11.3 million total jobs posted. They are huge.


Fiverr has grown to a full blown freelance work marketplace with 25 million Gigs completed so far and a current price range of $5 - $10K.

Behance Jobs

Great place for talented designers to find high-paying work.


99Designs is a freelance market for designers only. As of now, they have 364 thousand happy customers and almost a million and a half-talented designers.

Affiliate Marketing

Who says you need your own product to make money online? Top affiliate marketers like Pay Flynn and John Chow make enviable 6-figure incomes by recommending other people's products. The great thing about an affiliate marketing is that you can make money fairly quickly as there's no need to become an expert or struggle with product development.

It's important to note that due to the low barrier to entry and ridiculous margins, affiliate marketing is quite competitive.

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Click Bank

Click Bank is one of the recommended largest platforms for digital goods on Earth. Super-reliable payments (they've paid out nearly 2 billion dollars to their publishers and affiliates over the last 10 years) and a wide selection of products in every niche make Clickbank the place to get your feet wet as an affiliate. Makeup to 75% per sale.

Blue host

Want to make $65 per sale? Then you may want to consider promoting this reliable web hosting provider.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is the program that started it all. As an “Amazon Associate” you cut will be significantly less than Clickbank or CJ, But you can make bank promoting Amazon products. Depending on the volume you push to them, you can make up to 8.5% per sale.

eBay Partner Network

This program doesn't get a log of buzz, but it can be very lucrative in the right niches [high-tech, electronics, expensive collectibles etc.], Worth checking out.

Promot Things you love

It's much more rewarding to promote things that you actually use and enjoy. If there's a product you love, see if there's an affiliate program already set up. If not, many businesses are willing to set one up for people that can drive significant amounts of traffic.

CPA Marketing

CPA is affiliate marketing's less famous cousin. The only difference between the two is that, with CPA, you get paid when someone performs an “action”... which is often free for the user. Example include getting a quote on insurance, signing up to a website or requesting information on online colleges. If done right CPA can be very lucrative.

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Offer Valut

A search engine for CPA offers. Include almost all the major players. Sort by category, network or payout amount.


Solid network. Also, they give you the network EPC for each offer...a nice feature.


A respected network with weekly payments and a wide selection of offers.

Video Marketing

Make no mistake: video marketing is a HUGE business opportunity. With YouTube emerging as the place to share and watch videos, many internet marketers are making full-time salaries just from YouTube videos. The key to doing well with video marketing is providing tremendous value to whoever is watching.

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A behemoth of potential traffic. Make sure your channel has a tight niche (tech advice, cooking, marketing etc.) with consistent updates.


A tutorial-focused video site that allows you to show off your expertise to a new audience.


Vimeo is a good place to upload your video for some additional views.


A million visitors a month you say? Worth taking the time to upload after you've taken care of YouTube.com


An extremely popular tutorial site that supports how-to videos.

Site Flipping

Site flipping is a newer way to make money online that's making some people very rich. In a nutshell, you're buying web real estate at a low price and then flipping it for up to 100x the original price. Of course, like any real estate, you'll need to put in plenty of “sweat equity” in order to increase the value of your properties.

Make It Happen


The leading marketplace for buying and selling websites. A great place to browse to get a feel for what site flipping it all about.


Mostly domains, but some complete website are sold here as well.

Digital Point

A ton of people, but a few gems as well. Not a bad place to look if there's nothing happening on Flippa.


Ever want to turn your passion into profit? Then blogging may be your answer. However, before you begin it's important that understand that blogging isn't the fast track to millions.

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Easily the best and most popular CMS (content management software) in the world. Make sure to avoid Wordprss.com, which is where you can host your blog for free (yourblog.wordpress.com). If you're serious about blogging you'll need your own host and domain name.

Woo Themes

Themes are pre-made and customizable designs for your Wordpress-powered sites. Woo Themes are pricey but professional.


Reliability, speed and one-click install of Wordpress and other blog software make this the best hosting provider for bloggers.

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