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How to really add value to a company as an in-house recruiter

Start saving your firm money by increasing retention rate and finding the right people.

How to really add value to a company as an in-house recruiter

Tuesday November 28, 2017,

4 min Read

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Behind every successful company lies powerful and skilled force of labor and behind it lies a team that’s responsible with the recruit of the talents. A business/company is only as good as its staff, that is why the Human resource department is considered an integral part of the enterprise. Companies today are shifting from the usual renowned recruitment process to a talent acquisition process which focuses more on identifying and absorbing ability to effectively and efficiently meet the dynamic business needs. Most companies opt for in-house recruitment rather than agency recruitment. And talking about in-house recruitment, what should a recruiter do to add value to a company?

Explore and be informed

What makes good recruiters good is they always know where to source for top talents. They don’t just know; they research even when there are no openings in their company, whenever opportunity arises. They know where to get competitive candidates. If you want to become one of the top in-house recruiters in your company, search candidates on recruitment websites, attend human resource events to keep up with hiring trends, interact with as many people with related experience. This will help you save time and efficiently oversee the recruitment process.

Learn to think broadly

This might sound demeaning, but it will help you become more dynamic and efficient to the company. In as much as best resume’s assist in determining competitive talents, being more creative and coming up with more reliable distinguishing factors in interviews will give the best result. Knowing someone is not a one-day thing, and this will also apply to recruitment where you’ll be required to use more diverse ways to learn the candidate’s personalities deeper to aid in your decision-making. You can also check out some of the best car sales associate resume tips to diversify your resume knowledge.

Keep and build your company’s image

Being the first person the candidates interact with, creates an impression that portrays the company’s value. You should always remember that you carry with you the company’s image and you can either help build it or destroy it. Respecting the candidates and treating them well shows the company values its employees and gives the candidate a good reason to fight for the position. On the other hand, you might also be losing excellent candidates to your competitors by bad candidates experience and slowly tainting your company’s brand.

Build relationships

Hiring-managers could have different opinions to whom you feel could be best suited for the job, they are entitled to that anyway since they are responsible for the company’s performance but they might not be having expertise in that particular area and could be too judgemental. In these situations, it’s you who’s supposed to handle the setting to ensure no differences arise between you two. Having a good relationship with some of the company’s employees would help you get to know the company’s strengths and weaknesses. This is vital in sourcing out the best candidates.

Understand your business’s needs

Only when you understand your firm's needs will you be able to single out the most talented and competent candidates in a list of several qualified applicants. The company is looking upon you to provide the best options. Be it personality, skills, and efficiency, look out for unique values that will add value to a company and consider the best candidates. This will help not only the company to earn some of the best people, but will also give you gratitude for the good work you have done.

Perform different roles

What makes you distinct from the other recruiters are your daily activities. Helping out other departments when there’s no recruitment process taking place could not only help the company but also your personal growth. Be exceptional and wish to learn from your colleagues. It is where you also get to dig deep into your company’s needs.

To add value to a company means to improve an already existing option or providing an option where something might be lacking or needs improvement. Both meanings are now applicable if you play your part as an in-house recruiter and practice the above simple but important facts for the well-being of your company.