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Friday December 16, 2016,

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An awakening story for all who give their best for success at the cost o f neglecting their health. It is a story of my transformation from a Technical Writer in IT industry to a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach and a Doctor into Holistic Therapies. Most importantly it talks why I chose a career in the area of health and wellbeing when I was already in the prime of my successful in my IT career!


Hello, I’m Deepti Sehgal, author of upcoming book, ‘Rediscover the Lost Art of Living Well’. I am an internationally certified Macrobiotic Holistic Diet and Lifestyle Coach, Acid-Alkaline (pH Health) Coach, registered Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Whole and Natural foods Nutritionist, Detox Specialist, Raw Food Nutritionist, Holistic Health & Wellness Trainer and Writer, Holistic Meal Planner, Holistic Foods Chef and a certified Life Coach. I help people adopt a holistic lifestyle through positive dietary and lifestyle changes.

I believe and have experienced that one can achieve amazing results by eating right, by consuming whole natural foods, by breathing right, by focusing on internal strengthening, by living a natural lifestyle, by keeping meal timings right, by tuning daily activities with the rhythms of nature, and by natural self-care techniques. I help individuals rediscover wellness within them than looking for health and wellness solutions outside.

However, if my profile sounds interesting, let me mention that through this journey I passed the phases of awareness, education, knowledge, willingness to change, dedication, hard-work, going against the modern norms of living life and practical life transformation. And now, if this sounds tough, let me also mention that the results were amazing. In this diseased world, I transformed into a physically healthy and emotionally strong individual! But, it was not like that since beginning…

I graduated as a commerce student to be a post graduate in Masters in Computer Application. I began my career as a Technical Writer in IT, a real dream industry that at least half of world’s population aspires to be in. IT world was fascinating and traveling places in a dream job was nothing less than alluring. I had the entire world at my disposal and I was amidst the world full of colors, virtually; I was reaching out places from my desk and was accessing information just with a single click. And voila, the world seemed perfect!

However, there was something that my sub-conscious was continuously pointing at. I was continuously in a denial mode towards silent stress levels that I was dealing with. The impact used to be so intimidating that it showed up as headaches, breathing difficulties, stomach issues and I often used to be on a sick leave. And the worst part was, I was getting sick physically without moving an inch of my body while working on my desk through the day. I was becoming dull, motionless, and lifeless, a machine, losing the empathy factor, and working like a robot day-in-day-out. My body system was out of order and I was all bloated and gaseous despite of consuming a healthy diet as per my standards of understanding. And now this may sound funny, quite many times I was offered a seat while traveling in a metro, being assumed as pregnant with gas filled within! Yes, my conscious was pointing towards a mechanical me who was creating another machine to boost company profits. I was grasping all the negativities of being in a mechanical world, far away from the natural laws & rhythms of life. Despite of being in a presumed dream job, somewhere inside I knew I was unhappy. I was becoming a brilliant and fine technical writer but was creating havoc on my health as a side-effect of being in a dream job, as many of us trade-off upon.

This is what I consider a new uncategorized sphere of health issues where the sense of freedom and movement gets overpowered by tight deadlines and high-pressure jobs. Happiness becomes more of acceptance. People begin to become dull, machine-like robots and are working towards unhappy selves. Where people fulfill their urge of creativity on virtual digital screens, and where the sense of touch, feel smell, taste and fulfillment is all missing. And now, I hardly can think of anyone in my industry or circle otherwise who is spared of this upcoming category of health issues.

Somewhere I was trapped in the world of gadgets! And like me, many others are affected by the same problem, but with a satisfying wrapper of a dream job around their thought process.

I had been associated with the Information Technology world for more than a decade, but sub-consciously there was a parallel realization happening deep within. All through my IT career, my sub-conscious observation was at play. It was processing peoples ‘behaviours, health status, dietary patterns, working patterns and lifestyle patterns.

I have seen people delivering excellent software’s, but they had been unjust to themselves. For a computer professionals, typical day begins at 10 or 11 A.M., breakfast for many is all about tea or any other quick meal available in the office pantry, either there is no lunch or late lunch at 3 or 4 P.M, snack time is about gathering at tea stalls and consuming foods full of trans-fats, sugars, preservatives, additives etc., & dinners are frequently about eating out with teams, friends, bosses, family, specifically in case of single status employees. Tight schedules, high-pressure jobs, unlimited stress, the expectation to stretch yourself beyond limits, will to excel...leads to an artificial life lived in front of the screens day-in and day-out. And the trend seems to just rise with the newer generations picking up the similar trends.

In the midst of those prestigious meetings, I often see people talking about taking the business ahead, hardly ever anyone discusses health, healthy cooking, why did they get diseases, what to eat for snacks but everyone talks about losing weight - the ultimate goal! If you join the dots and look at trends, it seems the health issues are just rising in all generations despite of best treatments and health solutions available.

Health seems to be deteriorating continuously for the ignorant ones not just at the physical but emotional level as well. Indoor air conditioned lives seem good, convenience foods let one live a life of tasteful and convenient foods...only until a health disaster strikes! Even the younger generation is not spared, with children being affected by mid-age diseases like Thyroid & Diabetes. And I was no different. However, I was not ready to succumb to this wrapper. Life is much more than being happy grabbing a dream job in the most reputable industry in the world.

However, what made me stand apart was the self-realization. I did not want to end up with a heart disease 10 years down the line or may be cancer in the lust of success. But what was the choice?

I chose to educate myself on natural ways of living life. During my slow unrealized way to transformation, I came across the basics of living well through ancient wisdom. The concept engrossed me so much, that I decided to pursue studies in the subject. I began to cook and consume healing foods, started experimenting with healing recipes and started living in accordance with nature. I successfully completed my training into Oriental Science & Macrobiotics, Detoxification, Acid-Alkaline Theory about health...and now, for life, I am on a constant lookout for learning ancient healing modalities from across the world.

In my consultation practice, I counseled a 10 year being prescribed an MRI, and 8-year-old girl suffering from thyroid and already in her puberty! The perils of progressive age coming down drastically to affect 8 or 10 year is a reality! These had been my most upsetting consultations, more so because with the thought of changing the parents did not pursue the natural methods which required dietary and lifestyle changes. And having studied the holistic aspects of health, I know the probability of anyone getting better without changing their ways of living is quite bleak. And so, am writing my story here feed some food for thought to all successful individuals out there, who are achieving success at the cost of their health due to the negligence of right ways of living.

I am a writer by soul & intend to help the community & individuals by educating them about the cons of modern conveniences and the right way to diet & lifestyle. I offer self-care, dietary & healing programs, I provide personal consultations for a healthy & disease-free life, I am into educating children & parents about the right way to diet & lifestyle, I conduct workshops & impart training at corporates & in schools to bring in awareness about health & living well, I offer packages to reverse lifestyle disorders, I am into health related blogs & publications, I run programmes for raising up healthy children & to groom women to look & feel their best internally and externally, I am also an occasional healthy cooking chef instructor offering healthy & healing cooking classes for the interested lot. And this is just the beginning!

Author: Rediscover The Lost Art Of Living Well

My Website: www.macrobioticwellness.com