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Features to Look for Before Choosing an Ecommerce Platform

Features to Look for Before Choosing an Ecommerce Platform

Tuesday September 25, 2018,

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Ecommerce Platform Selection Process
Ecommerce Platform Selection Process

Today’s pace moving lifestyle of people has forced them to change their buying and selling habit, earlier people had some time that they could utilize it by visiting a store to purchase things but now they just want to buy and sell things with just some clicks irrespective of where they are and what they are doing.

When the e-commerce platforms entered the market it was expected to boom on then and that time itself but the insecurity of people did not allow them to use it there were worries among people that what if goods received is a damaged one? What if they take my money and run off? How can I know about the correct size of the product? But as the time goes many additional features were added like cash on delivery, Consumer Friendly Return Policies etc. gained popularity among the people and now they find it much easier and safer to buy from e-commerce websites.

Most popular Ecommerce platforms are as follows:

1.   Magento Development

2.   OpenCart Development

3.   Shopify Development

4.   WooCommerce Development (WordPress Plugin)

You might be overwhelmed with popular Ecommerce platforms list, but don’t worry I will guide you step-by-step on how to evaluate a platform according to your needs.

What are The Key Features you need to choose the best platform for your Ecommerce website?

Before you develop your e-commerce page you need to know what are the things you need it to be done correctly to your page to attract people. There is a vast difference between e-commerce page and a quality e-commerce page, here are the few points which can help you move from a simple e-commerce page to quality e-commerce page.

Easy to use

It must not only be easy to use for all types of Customer but also developers must find it easy to develop and update changes with ease and quickly. So while selecting your Online Store Builder must not be too complex to use and rather it should be fast and convenient, you want people to get what they want with the ease and that will help you to get a tag of a user-friendly online store. It should also have clear and engaging images of the product which can navigate them to the product they are searching for.

Category page

One of the most important attributes of a good e-commerce page is the division of the product list. It is how you divide the products depending upon their category, the more the easier it is for people to understand your category division more is the chances of them sticking to your shopping website. Hence you should have brief details about all the products so as to place them in the correct category.

Add to Cart option

Once people have decided on a particular product they would like to add it to the cart and move on to continue their shopping, cart is an important feature of a web-page, it allows people to know what are the things they have thought on buying, you should build your cart in such a manner that it gives user all the detailed knowledge of the products they have added in a small place, generally it should be on top corner of the page. It should also have a feature which allows a buyer to alter their buying list instantly and hence saving their quality time.

Make it attractive

When a user visits your page the first thing he notices how attractive your page is they don’t care about what platform it is made on they just see look & feel of the website. If it is attractive enough then this could also give you a good competitive edge over your competitor, so it is very much important to select a beautiful theme for your web-page to attract your potential user.

Convenient Checkout

Once the user is done with his shopping he clicks on check-out option and if he does not find an easy and secure way to pay he may move away from your page and all his efforts and yours will be wasted, you must focus on keeping your checkout option as simple as possible. The only issues people generally have while buying online is paying money, they always look for secure payment option, therefore, you should consider almost all the types of payment option like COD, Card Payment, Net Banking, Wallet payment etc.

Compatible with all kinds of device and screen

Great web-pages are those which can work hassle-free on all types of screens and device, not all people will open your page on a pc or a laptop some might open it on a mobile or a tablet and the web-page should be such that it should allow user to work on it without any disturbance and also let him continue his work from where he left from irrespective of different screen/device they were working on earlier.

Feedback and Frequent raised question

Feedback allows your user to tell their problems and also to provide their suggestion to you, their words are very important for you to be a good website page, it is important for you to understand their problem and give an effective solution to it. It helps a company to build on their reputation and also build on strong customer relationships. You can also add a feature of FAQ to each product to help buyer know more about the product.

Extra Features

People always look and try to find out what’s unique you have in your page you can always differentiate your web page from your competitor by providing additional features like special coupon section, Wish-list, Different language options, Featured products or Best selling products or New arrivals etc. These features will set apart you from your competitor.


So these are the some of the steps you can take before deciding on choosing your e-commerce platform, as depending on these features it would make it easy to choose the correct platform. Remember you should have a brief understanding on what your customer expects from your e-commerce store so that you can implement those requirements and expectations into your page and sooner or later rule the market. You can create an online store free if you are comfortable with DIY(Do It Yourself) strategies and execution. In doing so you might face a high learning curve to start off with and hence delay in launching your online store. It is always advisable to Hire well experienced Development Agency and keep your focus on gathering a pool of products you want to offer online of good quality.



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