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TruckSuvidha: Transportation On Online Wheels

It is the story of two, Mr. Ishu Bansal (A Former Infosys Employee)And Mr. Amit Punaini(A Well Settled Businessman) founders of TruckSuvidha, who are trying to bring Transportation, the unorganized sector to the organized one.

TruckSuvidha: Transportation On Online Wheels

Saturday November 05, 2016,

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When Ishu Bansal observes that his family business facing problems in transporting manufactured goods from their plywood manufacturing unit, they have established in Mundia in Badaun District in 2003. He was then convinced there are others also in the same boat and facing the same problems. Despite of all efforts they are unable to get consistent and appropriate transportation facilities and hence went as far as buying a truck of their own in 2007. But the problem didn't get solved as it increases the investment cost and ROI decreases.

Mr. Amit Punaini And Mr. Ishu Bansal, founders of TruckSuvidha

Mr. Amit Punaini And Mr. Ishu Bansal, founders of TruckSuvidha

In 2011, Ishu Bansal brought up this transportation related affliction with Mr. Amit Punaini, who was in Business relation with him. The idea was thus conceived and together they make their mind to use technology to relieve this highly unorganized sector to the extent possible. It was in 2011, that they duo start working on the project, started concentrating the database and do research. This research starts with infinite visits to Azadpur Mandi(Delhi), transport houses, truck drivers, dhabas , unions and other people who are directly or indirectly related with the industry.

Ishu was 21 at that time and was working with Infosys. The self motivated entrepreneur invested all his savings with Amit. The project took almost three years to develop to the stage of launching and in September 2014 , they are able to come in market with their concept.



TruckSuvidha is an online portal connecting various entities to bring them on the common platform where they can go about doing their businesses easily. Registered user base includes transporters, customers, service providers, packers & movers and individual truck owners. It aims to reduce the problem of lack of information by providing an extensive database with thousands of options to choose.It can be rightly said that TruckSuvidha is the YELLOW PAGES of transportation. The exhaustive database provides real time information not only to the forward journey but return journey as well.Main features include Load Board, Truck Board and Distance Calculator.