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5 unique startup ideas that require low or no investment

5 unique startup ideas that require low or no investment

Sunday May 13, 2018,

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Startups are the talk of the decade. There is an old saying – You can make something out of nothing. Well, this saying is no longer true to a certain extent. The online opportunities to find work without any investment gave birth to a stream of freelancers.

Today, we will talk about unique startup ideas which can be started with low or no investment. A quick question before we begin discussing the ideas, have you ever taken the risk to start a business? If not, this is the best place to find ideas for risk-free startups. These ideas might help you start your own venture.

5 unique startup ideas that require low or no investment

• Personal Branding

This concept came into existence due to various social media platforms fan following. Create the need and sell your product has been the oldest marketing trick in the book and the same has been replicated in the digital world. You create your own personal brand and then increase the fan following to your page, community or profile. This creates brand awareness and gains popularity. You can become famous overnight on social media with the right product sold at the right time. Create a following and then get paid for selling your products and services.

There are two advantages here, a personal brand is created and a consumer following your products and services. With these two advantages, you will certainly see exponential growth in your business. This idea can be used for any personal branding to sell on various platforms. Find the most suitable platform (any social media you are comfortable with) and start working on your personal brand, this idea requires very little investment.

• E-Commerce Store

An E-Commerce store can be created within minutes and with very little investment. Many hosts are available at reasonable prices to host your e-commerce store and provide assistance. e-commerce is growing exponentially and it is better to get on the train fast to ensure the ride is comfortable and smooth. High performing websites provide much more services along with the regular selling platform, you may need to shell out a little more money for it. However, once you have reached a stage to expand for cross-border e-commerce, you will certainly opt for it.

This is the latest trending idea with little investment only to create an online store. Various service providers handle everything including logistics and customs for international orders. You need to take care of the website and product content to ensure that you attract consumers. The more traffic you attract, the better your store will be exposed. This leads to search engines ranking your site higher than your competitors and consumers find your store on the first page of the search. More than 80% of the users won’t go to the second page of a search engine.

• Blogging

You should be familiar with bloggers, blogging is voicing out opinions on anything and everything. Experts from all over the globe irrespective of the category of their work, write blogs to interact with the consumers, find new ideas for their business, find inspiration and many more such reasons. Why do you think they write these blogs? Blogs can be a review of a product or a personal story, people write them to share with everyone about how they feel about a newly released product or promote their agenda.

Every business or every industry has blog spots which provide valuable information to consumers. We need to know to look at the right place to extract that information. It doesn’t require much initial investment to start a blog spot. You need to promote your blogs via right channels and platforms for maximum exposure.

• Ghost Writing

This is one of the no investment startup ideas which requires the strong background in English grammar. As long as you are able to provide a good content, clients are always available to provide jobs. A standard amount will be set for writing content for prospective clients however, the rates can be negotiable as per the client requirement and the project. You would invest time here to write content anonymously. Clients usually offer exorbitant amounts as compensation for writing about their life usually in the first person category. The most common assignments that you receive would be college essay service and assignment work.

Ghostwriting has become very common since there are many platforms which offer work related to ghostwriting. With time and patience, you could certainly find high paying clients in this field. Your excellent skills to convey the message through words will be your weapon to capture those high paying clients.

• Event Organizer

Organizing an event is a hectic job but with the right contacts and manpower, it is quite the easy task. The initial investment for event management is almost none, you may need to invest in certain resources initially, however, with the incoming funds and rotation of funds, you should be well set. The best way to organize an event is to outsource piecework to well known and trustworthy vendors. It is better to coordinate between the heads of each department like the music system and sounds supervisor, food supervisor, events hosting supervisor and more.

The only thing that you need to work for in this startup would be the proper and genuine contacts for both clients and vendors. You need to be in a standing arrangement with both the parties to run the event without any hassle. The vendors should trust you for the funds to released post-event while the client should be trustworthy pay the agreed upon amount on a timely basis.