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How a Job in Telesales Can Help You as an Entrepreneur

How a Job in Telesales Can Help You as an Entrepreneur

Friday March 17, 2017,

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Most entrepreneurs have a story or two to tell when it comes to what they did before they started their own business. While there is nothing wrong with starting in another career or industry, there are some positions that can actually help you to become a better entrepreneur. One you may not be aware of is a job in telesales.

Telesales is one of those thankless positions that are so often temporary for most people. It’s a job to help you get by and pay the bills in between “real jobs”. But did you know that telesales can afford you with experience and opportunities that can help leapfrog you into becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Take it From the Experts

One of those who agree with the theory that telesales can actually provide you with a variety of beneficial takeaways is Sam Ovens, a well-known and highly successful digital marketing consultant. In fact Ovens recommends that for those just starting out after school, or even while still in school, it's a good idea to consider a job in telesales. The flexible hours mean you can fit it into most schedules. But here's where things get interesting.

As a telesales representative, you will be wading into the murky waters of sales. You will be selling a product or service, which ultimately you'll need to do in order for your own business to be successful. Look at this as a great learning opportunity, and use it as a chance to build confidence.

Where it Differs

While we’re on the topic of learning about sales, it’s important to recognize there are different types of sales techniques. In most telesales positions you’ll be working from a script and unfortunately come off quite pushy. Obviously, if you were pitching your own product, idea, or service for your business this isn’t the way you want to come off. Instead, you’ll want to focus on listening to your client/customer, really hearing what their needs and concerns are, and addressing them head on.

Telesales will show you how people react to cold calls, whether in a negative or positive way. You’ll start to create a list in your head of what works and what doesn’t work. It will also help to build your confidence when talking to strangers. This is something that can be frightening for a lot of people.

Make Use of the Networking Opportunities

Because you will be calling a huge range of people you'll in fact be networking with people you may not otherwise have a chance to meet. In this sense you can use it as an excellent opportunity to network and meet those who are in your dream industry/field.

Learn About Pressure and Time Constraints

Another benefit of working in telesales is that it will teach you very quickly what it's like to work in a fast-paced, pressure and results-driven industry where you need to be very aware of time constraints. You have very limited time to get the attention of the person on the other end of the phone, engage with them, and keep them on the line. It’s a wonderful lesson that can certainly help when you are ready to become an entrepreneur and pitch your own ideas.

Always Look for the Silver Lining

While it would be great to be able to start your own business right out of school and become a successful entrepreneur, the fact of the matter is that it’s extremely rare. Instead, work on finding the silver lining in various life and work experiences. These can be used in the future to create a successful business all your own.