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How are stalls important to promote retail business?

Wednesday October 24, 2018,

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A market stall is often the stepping stone on the road to business success. If you are looking to wow the crowds at your next exhibition or pulling them into buying a newly launched product, stalls are the best way to get your name out there and attract potential customers. There have been an array of big brands who started as stalls in their initial phase and grew out to be the most sought-after and reputable names in the market. Marks & Spencer, for example, started off as market stalls in small UK markets and bazaars before becoming a worldwide luxury clothing retailer with over 300 shops in more than 40 countries. Another multinational company that started out in the market stall line of business is Tesco. Tesco began its life as a few market stalls. Though these might not have been overnight successes, their stories have inspired others to follow their path.

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On an average, it takes an attendee three seconds to move past your stall and the situation becomes much harsh at an exhibition when the attendees are bombarded with several brands, products, and services on offer.

Fret not, as we cover the cruciality of putting up stalls for your business and also how to make those stalls attractive enough to catch the attention of the buyers in those three seconds.

Why stalls?

Expanding markets and globalization have made exhibition stalls an inevitable part of marketing and promotions. They offer a splendid showcase and opportunities unavailable to other marketing media.

Here are some of the points how stalls can really boost your business:

  • Stalls are the best way to take your business directly to the consumers. They serve as a major stimulus for industrial and commercial development. Exhibitions provide face-to-face customer contact, which is the best way to build on relationships and form new ones with potential customers.
  • Putting stalls at exhibitions offer an unparalleled and ideal opportunity to showcase products and services to a highly targeted audience. Suppliers can prominently display their products, which attracts visitors, buyers as well as the press.
  • Exhibitions are a pro-active platform for buyers. They can examine and discuss products of their interest, and also compare one product with other company's products, and return again for further examination- all within a short space of time.
  • When it comes to retail marketers, the location of the outlets has a huge role to play. There might be many consumers who might not be even aware of the products and services offered at the outlet due to the difference in their proximity to the place. Stalls help spread awareness and generate leads among all attendees irrespective of the consumer’s proximity to the outlets.
  • New products can easily be launched and the feasibility of a new product can be put to test at exhibitions. If the product does not appeal to the target audience at an exhibition, this will very soon become apparent. In short, sampling made easy.
  • Loyalty programs at stalls help you generate those leads which are not possible at retail outlets. Attendees can be encouraged to buy a membership at a minimal cost(or sometimes, free) by sharing their contact info or business cards and get the products and services at special discounted rates.

Looking at the values that a stall adds to your business, it is important to stress on the aesthetics of your stall design as well so as to your business can make the best use of the opportunities that a stall has to offer. Therefore, the next section of our blog focuses on

How can I attract people to my stall?

Theme- A themed stand is a great way to make your stand memorable and also helps encourage people to come and check you out. Try adding props or games to engage people, once you’ve got their attention you can then start to hold them in conversation.

Interactive Presentations- Using technology to provide Apps and interactive presentations on your exhibition stand is a brilliant way to showcase your skills and creativity. This allows you to show off your portfolio of products and services whilst engaging your audience, and helps to attract people to your stand.

Lighting- Good lighting frames your whole design and increases awareness of your stand. Many stands come with their own lighting but this may not be enough to make you shine, try angled light boxes or colored lights but be aware of sensory overload.

Graphics- Give a distinctive identity to a stall. Carefully selected graphics can convey your message to your audience. A perfect combination of graphics and a message that strikes a chord with people is bound to create an impact and outshine others at the exhibition.

Sound- Experiment with sounds and music to give visitors something different. Make sure this is representative of your brand and demographics though. If done correctly it can be hugely effective.

Though all the above points would definitely help you to garner more attention from the audience the important thing is to represent your brand story through the theme of your stall and what could be better if we tell you that half of your responsibilities would be ours! With booking a stall at Onspon.com, you can get stalls at budget prices and plan your business without worrying about space or a shop. We will help you to meet those events which best fit your needs to promote your business.

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